What Is Yoga? The Union of Mind, Body and Muscles

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What is yoga, really?

The practice of yoga originated in India some 5,000 years ago. Ancient wise men known as rishis or seers

developed yoga as a means to use the body and breath to calm the

mind. Little did they know that regular yoga practice could also

promote good health.Ancient scripture describes yoga this way:”

Yoga is the resolution of the agitations of the mind.”In

other words, only when the mind is calm can we benefit from our Yoga

practice. Yoga asks that you be present in the moment and take notice

of how you feel at that particular place in time.


This is the general premise of any Yoga class,

to be in the present moment, to experience a

deep awareness and consciousness outside of your own individual ego. It

teaches you to push away the knowledge that your body is shaking by not

allowing it to take over your entire experience. You can allow the

sensation to exist but not to take away your confidence or ruin the



Yoga is about being true to one’s self. It’s about getting to know who you are and to realize the

truth and to be able to make changes the subtle aspects of

your mind and body.


Yoga permits us to spend time reflecting on our own thoughts so we can

connect with our true self. The practice of yoga is about consciously

choosing to act with purity

of intention both during our practice and at all other times when we leave the mat behind.

To reach this elevated and somewhat spiritual state in yoga is also

referred to as enlightenment. The practice of yoga focuses on

the physical aspects and breathing to reach an enlightened


Yoga is a very personal experience and can mean different things to different

people. Yoga is about reaching a state of calm. When the mind is still

and focused the body is able to respond accordingly.In

it’s true definition, yoga

is the union of body, mind, and spirit. It is a spiritual system with

a physical component.



There are of course many benefits to a regular yoga practice …


Yoga helps  you embrace the present moment and live with a higher sense of purpose.



  • Yoga provides a way to tune into your body.



  • Yoga can improve cardiovascular conditioning.



  • Yoga can lower resting heart rate and increase endurance.



  • Yoga can enrich your life and revitalize your body.



  • Yoga is therapeutic and promotes a steady mind.



  • Yoga promotes weight loss and helps relieve stress.



  • Yoga can strengthen your abdominals and lower back muscles.



  • Yoga builds strength and flexibility, stamina and fitness.



  • Yoga is a great way to boost your energy and lift your mood.


  • Yoga provides a sense of inner peace that can permeate both your practice and your life.




  • Yoga can lower your blood pressure and strengthen your immune system.



  • Yoga gets your blood flowing and increases circulation, especially in the hands and feet.



  • Yoga moves more oxygen to the cells of the body for improved function.



Twisting poses are said to cleanse the internal organs by allowing oxygenated blood to flow in once the twist is released.

For these reasons and more, nearly 16 million Americans practice yoga.

Soccer Moms have become Yoga Moms as yoga continues to gain popularity.

For many individuals, yoga is a one-stop-shop to reaching optimal

health and fitness.



What Is Yoga – Bonus Tip When you practice yoga on a regular basis, you start to bring together mind, body, and spirit through your breath? As such, you may discover the breathing in yoga to be an amazing way to boost your energy level and lift your mood.

When we are upset or angry about something, we have to remind ourselves to take a couple of deep breaths to chill out. This is because deep breathing can be powerfully calming. Slowing the breath produces a

quieter state of being which helps to answer the question, “What is yoga, really?”What does yoga mean to you? Share below!New! Share Your Comments Leave your comments in the box below.Thank you! Return from What Is Yoga to Yoga for Beginners.

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