Weight Loss Workouts for Women Yoga is effective in weight loss Five postures to dilute your stomach and thighs!

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Yoga is effective in weight loss: Five postures to dilute your stomach and thighs!

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Yoga is considered to be the most effective and simple way to lose weight. The best thing about yoga is that people of any age can do it. Yoga is very beneficial for any age group. Pregnant women are also advised to do yoga with some special precautions. It is known that many types of diseases are born due to stress. But it can be solved through yoga postures. Yoga is quite effective for weight loss and fit and by increasing the level of stress, the person’s confidence also increases. Below is a mention of some of the yoga exercises which can be helpful in reducing weight by continuing.Weight Loss Workouts for Women 


Under yoga, this is an important posture, through which you can correct your stomach and keep the related issues completely clean. In this posture, first lie down on the back of your back, then fold the knees and keep your feet on the floor and keep it on the ground. Then take your hands in the direction of the body. Keep in mind that the palms are downwards. Keep your hands together and then lift your body upwards. Stay in this stage from thirty seconds to 01 minutes. Weight Loss Workouts for Women Then slowly bring the body to the surface. Repeat this exercise five times.

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In this posture, the shape of the body becomes like a snake lifted, hence it is called asa asana, Bhujangasan or Sarpasan. This posture reduces stomach fat and strengthens the spinal cord. If there is any other disease related to asthma, chronic cough or lung, then they should do this posture. It gives strength in arms. Knowledge emerging from the brain becomes strong All the bones in the backbones are removed. Constipation is removed. While doing this asana, accidentally do not bend too much backwards. Conversely, lie down on the stomach. Keep the heels and claws. Chin is placed on the floor. The elbows are filled with waist and palms upwards. This is called the situation of Makrassan. Gradually fold the arm forward with the elbows and bring the palms under the sides. Pressing the chin in the neck, the forehead kept on the ground. Again, touch the nose on the ground and lift the head towards the sky. Then take the chest and head as much as you can on the back of the palms, but the navel remains on the ground. Keep this position for 0 seconds. Later on leaving the breath slowly bring the head down and put the forehead on the ground. Keep the chest on the ground too. Again, place the chin on the ground and leave your hands loose and leave loose. After 30 seconds of operation, it can be done for three minutes after a long practice. Can do at least two to five times.Weight Loss Workouts for Women 



By doing this asana, the shape of the body becomes like a bow pulled, so it is called Dhanurasan. This seat makes the spinal cord and healthy. Belly fat is low. The heart strengthens. Throat diseases are destroyed. Constipation is farther away and gastragani is illuminated. Breathing moves systematic. First, lie down in Macrasson. Makarasan means to lie down on the stomach. Leave chin on the ground. The hands are adjacent to the waist and feet claws meet each other. Keep soles and palms towards the sky. Bend the knees and hold the right leg from the right hand and the left foot paw to the right wrist. While breathing, lift the chin to the ground while dragging the feet and try to bring the head and soles closer. Stay in this posture as long as you can breathe easily. Then release the chin and knees on the ground before leaving the breath. Then, while stretching the legs again, will return to Makrassan’s position.Weight Loss Workouts for Women 




Stretch occurs in the back, so it is called Vestictonsan. This posture stirs all the muscles of the body. By the Westchildom, the spinal cord becomes flexible and strong, and in the old age the person stays and the spinal cord does not bend. By practising this, fat reduces body fat and reduces the disease of diabetes. Sit down and straighten your legs. Both legs should be adjacent to each other. Keep the back straight at this time and then touch the thumb of both feet with your hands. Keep in mind that your knees do not bend and your lower back towards the knee. Wait for 5 seconds and then come back to their position. This position also cleanses the problem of kidneys with problems like cramps, etc.Weight Loss Workouts for Women 

Chakki Chalanasan:

This posture of yoga is very effective in removing stomach fat. It also benefits from weight loss. First, you sit comfortably on the ground. During this stretch your legs to the front. Keep this in mind, both legs should remain intact. Now grab both of your hands together and then rotate the knees without turning the circular direction (in the circle). Turn this position in the direction of clockwise ten times and then wait for some time after this time turn the clock opposite in the opposite direction. Then leave it slowly.Weight Loss Workouts for Women 

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