Weight Loss Soup Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 9 Tips

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Weight Loss Soup Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 9 Tips.

weight loss soup

weight loss soup.Soups are growing not only in Germany but also throughout Europe. In the lunch break, one goes today to the soup bar, where one can choose between different kinds of soup.Weight Loss Soup. A visit to the soup bar is worthwhile, however, not only for health-conscious people but also for those who are on a diet. Because some soups are excellent for losing weight. For this reason, soup diets are increasingly being carried out today. Such soup diets lure with high weight losses, but also have some disadvantages.


Soup diet: Vegetable soup is well suited

As the name “soup diet” already indicates, the diet during the diet mainly consists of different soup types. For losing weight, vegetable supplements are particularly recommended as they contain only a few calories.Weight Loss Soup. Soups with greasy ingredients such as dumplings or cream should be avoided as the soup is not suitable for slimming.

As a rule of thumb, the soup should not have a total of more than 100 to 150 calories.Weight Loss Soup. In addition to vegetable supplements, fruits, vegetables and various protein-containing foods such as fish, lean meats, eggs or dairy products may also be consumed, depending on the soup-diet plan.Weight Loss Soup.

As a rule, a soup diet should be carried out over a maximum period of seven days. In order to purify the body in between, individual soup days can be inserted over the year.


Cabbage diet as a “miracle weapon”?

During a soup diet, it is particularly common to rely on cabbage soups.Weight Loss Soup. They are always praised as a ‘miracle weapon’ because they are supposed to boost fat burning. A diet of cabbage supplements is supposed to lose up to five kilograms of weight within a week.

This weight loss, however, is not due to increased fat burning, but to other factors.Weight Loss Soup. For example, a cabbage soup is extremely low in calories. In addition, very few minerals and proteins are absorbed during cabbage suppleness, so the diet is quite one-sided. For this reason, supplementary foods should also be consumed, as in the case of heavy consumption of other vegetable soups.Weight Loss Soup

Finally, it can be said that the cabbage supplement is not suitable for a longer-term diet. However, if you want to lose weight quickly, you can eat a few days of cabbage soup. However, since the diets are not changed during this diet, a yo-yo effect can be expected after the end of the diet.


Advantages of losing weight with soups

In general, the advantage of a soup diet is that vegetable soups contain only a few calories, and that weight loss can be recorded within a few days.Weight Loss Soup In addition, the body is supplied with many vitamins and minerals by the vegetables in the soups.

Since many basic minerals are contained in vegetables, the body is also purified by the soup diet and a possibly disturbed acid-base balance is restored. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use the soup diet to detoxify the body. On the other hand, weight loss should not be the top priority.


Disadvantages of a soup diet

Weight Loss Soup.Among physicians and nutritionists, soup diets, as well as other crash diets, are controversial. Because when soups are used for weight loss, there is no fundamental change in eating habits. The weight loss during the soup diet comes mainly because the body is given very few calories. In addition, the low uptake of protein degrades muscles.

Due to the lack of carbohydrates, the carbohydrate stores of the body must also be tapped, resulting in a strong drainage of the body.Weight Loss Soup. During the soup diet, the body loses not only fat, but also water, proteins, and carbohydrates. Since these stores are replenished after the end of the soup diet, a yo-yo effect must be expected.


Risks and side effects during the soup diet

Because of the low-calorie intake during the soup diet, concentration problems, performance impairments, headaches and physical exhaustion can occur.Weight Loss Soup. Who during his soup diet frequently to pull back on Kohlsuppen for losing weight, must also expect bloating. Persons who are sensitive to white cabbage should, therefore, refrain from using cabbage soups.

Another problem with the soup diet is that the one-sided diet can lead to a lack of nutrients. During the soup diet, the body is supplied with too little fat and protein. If too little protein is added to the body, this can lead to deficiencies such as hair loss, muscle weakness or lack of drive.Weight Loss Soup. Is deM body in the long term hardly any protein available, this can even be deadly ending.Therefore during a soup diet should be taken care necessarily to the body beside the vegetable soups also protein. For this, in particular, protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs, tofu or milk products are suitable.

upon Diet Plan

A soup diet should normally be carried out over a maximum period of seven days. During this time soups, mainly, but not exclusively, should be consumed. When choosing suitable foods, the following soup diet plan can be used for orientation:


Day 1: Vegetable soup, fruit (except bananas and honey melons)

Day 2: vegetable soup, raw vegetables (except corn and peas); In the evening: oven potato with lean milk

Day 3: Vegetable soup, fruit, and raw vegetables

Day 4: vegetable soup, three bananas, a glass of skim milk and a cup of lean yogurt

Day 5: vegetable soup, 200 grams poultry or fish, six unpeeled tomatoes

Day 6: Vegetable soup, a lean steak, green vegetables and salad without dressing

Day 7: Vegetable soup, whole grain rice, vegetables, a glass of fresh fruit juice


In addition, during the soup diet should be drunk a lot, about three liters of still mineral water per day are recommended.Weight Loss Soup. Alcohol, sodas and sweetened fruit juices are forbidden, coffee and black tea should be dispensed with. To prevent protein deficiencies, the milk consumption can be increased if necessary.


Recipe for a cabbage soup

For a tasty and healthy cabbage soup the following ingredients are needed:

1 head of white cabbage

6 onions

2 peppers

1 kilogram of carrots

8 peeled tomatoes1 celery sticks

Herbs and spices

Wash the vegetables for the cabbage soup, peel and cut into small pieces. Then boil the vegetables in five liters of water for eight to ten minutes and then let it go for 20 minutes. Before serving, refine the soup with herbs and spices.


Conclusion on the soup diet

If the soup diet is administered once or twice a year as a one-week fasting or as a single fasting day, the diet does not hurt. However, the purification of the body and not the weight loss should be in the foreground.Weight Loss Soup.

People who are suffering from a diseased overweight, as well as metabolic or circulatory diseases, should rather change their diet permanently instead of a soup diet. It is urgently advisable against a longer execution of the soup diet.Weight Loss Soup.



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