Weight Loss juicing Recipe – Green juices – vitality Bombs for Slimming and Detoxification

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Weight Loss juicing Recipe Green juices – vitality bombs for slimming and detoxification


Weight Loss juicing Recipe.Green juices are highly concentrated and easily tolerated vital substance bombs for weight loss and detoxification! They provide your body quickly and easily with vitamins, minerals, secondary metabolites, and enzymes. Instead of throwing everything into your blender, as usual, you simply dispose of fruit and vegetables.Weight Loss juicing Recipe. Together with a lot of plant green, a very liquid, green plant juice is produced.


In this article, I explain to you the production of green juices, the advantages and disadvantages of Green Smoothies and finally I present you two green juice recipes.



First: How Green Juices Work!

Green juice

Green apple cucumber smoothie


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Drink a green smoothie for 7 days instead of the main meal! Otherwise, you do not have to change your diet.



Green juices are juiced in a juicer. Well-known devices for this are the Kurvings Silent Juicer or the Green Star Elite juicers. The juicers separate the solid from the liquid components. On the one hand, the juice flows out of the device and on the other side the pomace (the solid plant ingredients or the “waste”).


In contrast to green smoothies, where you crush the whole fruit or plant in a container.


(Note: Do not throw the pomace (“solid mass”) as raw material for raw food crackers, mix linseed, sesame and/or sunflower seeds, spread the mixture thinly on a baking tray and dry at 40 degrees Oven or drier.)


Why should you drink green juices?

Green juices

Green juices strengthen the immune system

  1. Green juices are calmer

The majority of the macronutrients (protein, long-chain carbohydrates such as starch and fats) as well as the fibers land in the pomace. The pure plant juice is preserved with the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, secondary crops).


  1. Green juices will give you an energy kick

The included single sugar (glucose, fruit sugar) gets into the blood more quickly and lets the blood glucose level rise very quickly, which gives your body an energy kick, but again results in an abrupt decline.Weight Loss juicing Recipe.

I still feel energized after half a liter of green plant juice. This is mainly due to the large dose of vitamins, minerals and secondary plantings.


  1. Green juices are more easily tolerated

Green juices are better tolerated than green smoothies and you can do less wrong as a beginner. For example, root vegetables (carrots, beetroots, etc.) can be juiced together with fruits without digestion problems.


Or is your body overwhelmed with a large amount of fiber in the green smoothies? Then green juice can also be a better entry.Weight Loss juicing Recipe. Also for Vata or Vata-Pitta types after the Ayurveda, which green smoothies tend to be badly tolerated, Green Smoothies are a good alternative.


Do green juices also have disadvantages?

Yes and this:


Green juices ensure a faster increase in blood sugar because no dietary fibers are contained in the juice.

Green juices are poorly durable and oxidize very quickly. You should drink them IMMEDIATELY after juicing. A storage in the refrigerator I recommend only for a few hours.Weight Loss juicing Recipe.

Green juices are less saturating. You’re hungry again.

A part of the vitamins and minerals is wasted and remains in the waste (pomace).




What is healthier now? Green smoothies or green juices?

Green juice

A green juice in the morning drives grief and sorrow.

There is no right or wrong answer. Green juices are good as a low-calorie drink when it comes to weight loss or detoxification and/or you have a sensitive digestion at the same time.


Green juices are also better when you are ill and do not want to have solid food. If it goes with me in the direction of cooling, then I notice how I have less desire for smoothies and more desire for green juices. The cooling does not stop at all or only occurs very slowly.


Theoretically, Green Smoothies are healthier, as they have a slower increase in blood glucose levels and have a broad and better nutrient profile.


But I do not make much more thoughts on the paper is healthier. Fact is both doing your body well. Sometimes I just do not feel like green Smoo Thies and instead drink a few days green juices. I recommend you to listen more to your body! He knows best when and why you are doing something good! πŸ˜‰


2 Green Juices Recipes I usually drink:

A simple green juice for the whole year

5 handful of spinach or 1 salatΓ© dumpling

1 bunch of parsley

3-4 stems rod seller

1/2 cucumber

2 oranges

1 apple


Green juice: “Immunbooster” for autumn and winter

2 Handful of field salad

1 handful of green cabbage or black cabbage

1/2 cucumber

2-3 carrots

3 (small) apples

1 big piece of ginger

Juice of half lemon



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