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How to reduce weight to 15 kg

So many girls and women take care of excess weight
How to reduce weight to 15 kg problem. On the slim figure dream of all, thanks to her, the lady feels comfortable and confident because. For one month or even one week: Often, though, women Most of them are dreaming to lose weight as soon as possible. This is a more complex situation, when working: how to reduce weight 15 kg! Now to find the right weight in a short time For information about ways to reduce. At the end of the article reveals the actual testimonials of people have lost 15 kg.

How can women lose weight

The 3 Week Diet


How to reduce weight to 15 kg
So what additional weight to as low as 15 kg to do to lose weight 15 kg? Internet to find a lot of programs of different weight loss, but the best way to get rid of weight can stand out among them: successfully by reviewing lost weight, the most energy efficient systems is a diet “minus 15kg” and “three-week diet”, which Hmahm down The Arnn.

Three-week diet

15 kg Reset week:

First you must eliminate from your diet potatoes, pastries, pasta, sweets and soda, as well as any alcoholic beverages;
Then a little bit of you, though hungry need two days, if you drink low fat milk and yogurt (more than 2 liters), tomato juice (1 cup per day) and rye bread can eat.
In the third and fourth days, according to a three-week diet, you should consume protein-rich foods. In the morning cup of a piece of mustard bread with coffee and honey and butter, along with milk. Mango broth and cooked lean meat Happy to eat a couple of slices of. For a few hours before the meal, drink a cup of tea with honey or milk. In the shower, a bit of boiled meat, a piece of cheese and yogurt drink NAND Lenkagle in 15-17 days

Only fruits and vegetables should be eaten. Vegetable soup, and dinner – without potatoes (vegetables) – Salad vegetables can eat an apple or citrus, lunch for breakfast. Fresh fruits and vegetables are doing that

Desireable.2-3 months may not be more than 1 time to follow a diet.
How to reduce weight by 15 kg per month – “zero

Slimming System »15 kg” -15 kg “A system of diet and exercise not only involves finding slim beautiful body for 30-40 days. Here are the most important rules for successful weight loss:

In the morning, always do light exercises to awaken the body. These exercises will be done before lunch and before the dinner, puncture the day in the evening. Within half an hour after morning and afternoon workouts
Electricity load. Try to go to the gym regularly.
Running, exercise bike or rope jump next 30 minutes dedicate.
Take 2-3 exercises to finish the exercise. Be sure to take a contrast shower after coming to the gym

You need to eat in small portions every 3 hours throughout the day

»” Operated by zero to 15 kg: The amount of food should not be more than 300 grams chewing on your food well. It was desirable that it was fresh fruits and vegetables every day between the products at your desk. Low fat and fast Carbohydrate! Month is realistic per

Lose weight of 15 kilos.Do not eat food, dessert, dough food. Drink plenty of clean water. Also do not forget about fruits and vegetables.All in our hands! We strictly follow the prescribed rules. , so

How to reduce weight by 15 kg per week to lose weight in a week for 15 kg

, Possible is still very difficult, but follows:

Of course, you can add calories that you need to leave: it is a sweet and starch meal, fatty foods and meat, salt, sugar and butter, fast food and any semi-finished products (meat dumplings, khinkali, mata Ray), sauce, mayonnaise, as well as alcohol. Beauty sacrifice is required!
Eat only 3 times a day
Drink water – at least 2-2.5 liters a day. In the morning before half-an-hour breakfast, be sure to drink a glass of clean water.
(Prepared by themselves) (except bananas and grapes) drink fruits and natural fresh juices.
A small low calorie containing vitamin is allowed to eat foods during the day: lean meat, curd, egg boiled.
Snacking between breakfast, lunch and dinner!
All products should be low calorie. If you follow these tips, then

, You can throw away from the weight as soon as possible.

Do not forget about water: despite the fact that we are getting rid of less than 15 kilos, if we start to follow the following recommendations weighing 15 kg

How to reduce

General tips, however, it is quite difficult to consume at least 2.5 liters of pure water every day. It is recommended to drink the liquid slowly during the day. Carbohydrate’s
Limit consumption. It is a fast carbohydrate (sweets, soda, pastries, bananas), and they should be discarded because they are the cause of fat on the sides and buttocks. But grains, on the other hand, need to eat, and especially in the morning.
Fast food and processed food food off. These chips and cheeseburgers and pizzas are not only included but also loved by many ravioli or dumplings.
There are more protein foods. Protein helps to avoid fat as early as possible without affecting the muscles. It is best to eat chicken breasts, shrimp, eggs, fish, boiled, etc.
Say “no”. If you want to reduce your weight by 15 kg, then you should drink no more than 25 grams of fat in a day.
Soul – evil! Both during cooking and afterwards: Do not add salt to food.
Eat more often, but in small portions. If possible, eat 6 times a day, but eating food to sleep
Elena, 46 years. My weight was 94 kg when we started losing weight. Take a diet to lose weight in 15 kg a month. It’s been dropped a little over a week: I now weigh 88 kg! With this result I’m very happy. Drink plenty of filtered water, I try to keep power. 35 years old

Maria,. Diet is sufficiently effective.

In the last one month, at one time it stopped a little more power than 15 kg on such a system. It depends on your body too much: Someone is little, but throw them away . From my own experience, I can say that he wanted to but only slightly sweetened, and added a small salt to the food when used to substitute sugar. After the lid, this separation meal Had to observe and ate the cheese – 100 grams per day.Good luck! 28 years old


After the birth of the baby, a lot of extra weight has been gained. The main thing is that it does not starve itself; both effective diet (it has lost 12 kg), but do not eat stomach – a diet “- Try 15 kg “and” three weeks “!

The 2 Week Diet