Walking Benefits For Weight Loss

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Walking Benefits For Weight Loss

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Walking, jogging is a type of exercise that has no harmful effects. With the help of these, you can easily find the results you want in a few days. You know that just by walking, you can lose 0.46 kg ie one pound weight, but it all depends on how much you go through in a week. You can not believe it, but it is true that you can reduce your weight by up to 9 kg only by walking without going to the gym.


Which does woman not want the todd legs? Let’s say that there is no better exercise than walking to get toed feet. Just for this, you should know the right way to lose weight and its strategy. Which can reduce your weight easily?

How to lose weight by walking?


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You have to burn your calories, it all depends on your body weight and walking speed. Know that if you walk speed 6 kilometers per hour, you burn approximately 400 calories in one hour, but this does not mean that you go 6 kilometers in a day. If you walk 4 kilometers a day, even then your 300 extra calories burn in one day. There is a device named Pedometer. With its help, it is easy to find out that your calorie burn is going on while walking.

You must know these things about the Pedometer Device

This device keeps getting better information about the chances of losing weight. By binding it on your wrist, you can easily find out how many calories burned in a day, as well as how many calories you have taken today.

At the same time, this device can be worn near the hip. One plus point of this is that it is a very lightweight device which can be easily placed by you. Also, it has been packed with many features.

Walking Benefits For Weight Loss


On average, one person needs to walk around 2000 steps to Lose Weight. Understand that you have burned 100 calories a mile. At the same time, the pedometer keeps downing every step of your way that your calorie burn is done. In addition, it also manages your progress and walking schedule. Therefore, adding it to your daily routine will prove to be very beneficial for you.


  • 1.6 km (1 mile) = 2000 steps + 100 calories burned
  • 0.45 kilograms (1 pound) = 3500 calories
  • Lose 0.45 kg (1 pound) weight in the week = 500 calories burned daily
  • If you run 10 thousand steps daily, lose 0.45 kg (1 pounds) in the week

Here we have made some suggestions, which you can pick up by taking the time in your busy schedule.


  • Do not use public or private transportation for short distances. Walk on foot for your workplace or bus stand.
  • Park your car slightly away from the office, so that you can walk to the office.
  • Walking for your nearest station or instead of taking bus or auto.
  • Use stairs rather than lift.
  • Leave your children on foot in school

At the same time, when you are burning your calories, you must help the pedometer. That will help you a lot in losing weight.

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