Tips For Losing Fat Household Remedies for reducing fat and obesity in 3 days, prescriptions

Tips For Losing Fat Household remedies for reducing fat and obesity in 3 days, prescriptions
The 2 Week Diet

Household remedies for reducing fat and obesity in 3 days, prescriptions

The 3 Week Diet


 Here you will find ways to reduce obesity. It does not seem to know when the weight increases and when the fat accumulates, but when the cloth starts to tight and the stomach gets further and further, then it turns out that you have become fat.



Now it is easy to gain weight, but melting the frozen fat is not so easy. To reduce the stomach, you have to exercise, which is not the case with all the people.



Do not panic, here you will find ways to reduce obesity, which does not require much exercise. Through the home remedies for reducing obesity, you will again find a healthy and balanced body.


Tummy-reduction techniques:

Everyone can do the measures to reduce the stomach described here. For everyone, from small to old, it is advisable to reduce obesity. Learn about short abdominal home remedies here:


You can melt the fat easily by drinking the juice of bitter gourd juice in the morning.


Take hot water throughout the day. If there are lemon and ginger juice in hot water then it is even better. If you put black pepper, then the quality will increase. Even if you consume hot tea, without milk and sugar, it will also be beneficial. With hot water, the digestive tract improves and the activity increases so that your body burns fat by using it properly.


One of the best remedies in domestic remedies is that you consume raw papaya every day with food. Tighten it and eat it. Eating papaya after eating is also extremely beneficial.


Do not worry about how to reduce obesity. Just eat curry with the hobby. It is also good to make buttermilk, but keep in mind that do not use sugar (sugar).


Now in the home remedies to reduce obesity, if you talk about sugar only, then remove it completely from your life and instead use stevia powder which is an indigestible substance in which the calories are not at all.


You must have seen the people of the workers and the people working in the fields and the stomach of living in the village has never increased. The secret of this is onions, garlic and green chillies. You should also consume these three ingredients in raw form every day, either in the form of a sauce or in some other way and fat from the fat.


Every morning you get a habit of drinking juice of bitter gourd, and if you add gourd, beet, carrot and cabbage along with it, it is even more beneficial.

He has been able to save a lot of juice from his teeth and he is laughing, chucker, gajar and pottagobhi .

Instead of having lunch in the afternoon, eat raw vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, onion and green cardamom powder.


Do not eat wheat flour. Use gramme flour and barley flour


Instead of having heavy food you only eat lightly and in small quantities. It is better to eat 4-5 times a day with heavy food twice a day.

The methods of reducing the fat of all of these stomachs are easy but it takes time and you have to abstain. Reduce salt, do not eat fried and eat bakery, pack sugar completely, bind the smoke, drink alcohol in very controlled quantity and take the full sleep.


Measures to reduce stomach fat

Now let’s go for a little fat stomach remedies, which will surely change your body and you will become even more intense.


Use the word ‘detox’ in English first, so that all the activities of your body become sharp. Detox main venom, there are different ways of this. The cheap and good way is that you fast for 2 to 4 Dino and during this, only the hot water is added, which contains lemon juice, honey, peanut juice, black pepper pc and the juice of sweet cucumber is either honey. It can be as hot as possible in its day. Do so many times that the poison will be removed from the body. Now after this you only take fruits and vegetables and boiled moong in the form of a diet and see how much difference there is



Keeping the fast running for 2 hours daily, how to reduce the stomach, the solution to the problem will come out automatically.

One way in reducing obesity is that you should exercise so much that your body begins to scratch fat. For this, do the aerobics do weight lifting for 30 minutes and if possible, then run the race. Exercise is very important to reduce belly. Drug or herbs do not come in the same way.

Yoga is very beneficial to reduce the stomach. For 20 minutes in the morning, you can do any one or two yoga sessions which is friendly and easy for you. In Yoga, there is a form of help in controlling easy weight control, such as Vraskana, Bhujangasan, Trikonasana, Pachchimottasan, Garrodhasana, Utkasana, Crihshandarasana and Shalabhasana, many postures are difficult, so that when it is too easy, therefore, whatever is easy, but regular do.


Obesity-lessing tips that you can use at home

There is a lot of measures to reduce the stomach and from this, you get the habit of drinking guar leaf juice in the morning but keep in mind that made from fresh leaves and drink immediately and do not take much quantity.


The use of piper roots in the home remedies to reduce obesity is beneficial. Make a churna of honey or ghee and take it twice a day

Reducing obesity is not a sport, but if you are involved in any sport like Umar, like Bettinton or Tennesse or Volley hair, then there is a need for either soccer or basketball (for low-born people).


One way to reduce the stomach is by taking the root of the spinal cord with the mixture of grammes of honey.

Do not worry about how to reduce obesity

Ayurvedic remedies for weight loss and fat melts

If someone tells you to reduce obesity, then there is no claim that there is no carrot, that the pill can be eaten and the fat may melt like snow. Yes, you can definitely use the Ayurvedic remedy to reduce obesity. In Ayurvedic herbs, you can use Kalonji, Guggul, Giloy, Yashtimandhu, Celery, Seva seeds, Cumin seeds, Mint, Vriklala and Kadhi leaves. Combine all the herbs with 4-5 pieces of grind and use it twice a day. Triphala Churna is also one of the best ways to improve the digestive tract and reduce the stomach obesity.

Reduce 7 kg Weight in 7 days: diet tips

These home remedies For Wet Loss in Hindi, there are many ways in which you can remove cereals completely from the diet and only fruits, vegetables, sprouted moong/gram / peas and oil seeds such as almonds, walnuts, Eat sesame seeds and sesame seeds. Eat cheeses instead of milk or eat cheese or eat cheese

The 2 Week Diet