Tips For Losing Fat These unsurpassed prescriptions for reducing obesity without workout

Tips For Losing Fat These unsurpassed prescriptions for reducing obesity without workout
The 2 Week Diet

These unsurpassed prescriptions for reducing obesity without workout


The 3 Week Diet

New Delhi: Obesity is the home of disease for the body. Obesity is the excess fat accumulated in the body, which increases the weight and that obesity is the home of many diseases. Obesity means too much fat in the body While being overweight means more weight than usual.



The person whose BMI i.e. body mass index is between 25 to 29.9, is said to be overweight or overweight in the doctoral language. On the other hand, when BMI is 30 or more, it is called obesity. To reduce obesity, improvement in diet is essential.


Some natural things are such that the weight is controlled by consumption. To reduce obesity, it is very important to control the food. Obesity can also be controlled by regular exercise and yoga exercises. You can also reduce obesity by adopting some natural things daily. If you can not work hard to lose weight, then these small steps can be helpful in reducing your weight.


– After eating food, after drinking lukewarm water, weight decreases rapidly. But almost one hour after dinner or one glass of water should be consumed.


-The raw must cook plenty of cooked papaya. It does not accumulate excess fat in the body and the weight decreases rapidly.


– Eating some of the body reduces the fat of the body. It is beneficial to use buttermilk twice or thrice a day.


Grind the fine powder of small peepal and filter it with the cloth. Taking this powder with three grammes daily in the morning, with the stomach, the stomach gets inside.


Drink lemon juice and honey in hot water and drink empty stomach every morning. This will keep the stomach good and remove obesity.


-Green tea contains antioxidants, which reduces obesity as well as removes facial wrinkles. Drinking tea without sugar is the advantage of it soon.

Ice therapy at home for weight loss


-Apple cider vaniger is mixed with water or juice, it reduces obesity. It keeps the digestive system right and also reduces cholesterol.


According to a research, the best way to lose weight is to eat chilli. Hungry or black pepper is less hungry than capsaicin. This also increases energy consumption, keeping weight in control.


Every morning, in a glass of cold water, add two teaspoons of honey and drink it. Drinking this solution reduces the amount of fat from the body.


– Drink daily citrus juice. Cabbage has the properties of fat loss. It keeps the body’s metabolism right.


– Drinking 250 grammes of tomato juice for 2-3 months as soon as possible in the morning decreases fat.


Adding one spoonful mint juice to 2 teaspoons of honey will reduce obesity.

The 2 Week Diet