How To Remove Tummy Fat To Reduce Belly Fat, Massage these Organs

The 2 Week Diet

        To reduce belly fat, massage these organs

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Even if you are unable to get rid of sweat or sweat in the gym, despite being excited and dieting. It is better to be afraid that with other options, acupressure massage can be the best option. You can control the fat and weight of the stomach through the massage of certain body parts through the help of a good acupressure trainer.

Acupressure is the method of fixing any disease by putting pressure on important points of different parts of the body. This is the medical practice of China. According to this method, the human body is connected from the foot to the head. Nerves present in the body, blood vessels, muscles, muscles and many other things along with the bones together make the machine run very well. Therefore, putting pressure on one point affects the whole part connected to it. Let’s know which massage of the body helps to reduce stomach fat.


Press the appetite control point at the beginning and end of each acupressure session. Find the pressure point on your ear (which is the hunger control point). By pressing this point it will be easy to control hunger and avoid overweight. This point is the fleshy flap part located at the top of the ear which is present in front of the ear canal. Constant pressure on this place for 3 minutes. Gradually increase the pressure and then leave it.

Knee massage

On the left side of the knees, there are three points right below which pressure on the body’s metabolism remains fine and the excess fat does not accumulate in the body. Make pressure on these points one by one and massage it at one point for one minute.

Palm massage

Put the person in the palms according to the tolerance of the person on the raised part near the thumb. Repeat this procedure three to five times. After this, take a good amount of lukewarm water from which toxin will get out of the body.

Shoulder massage

If the person feels hunger more then the pressure should be pressed by the finger and thumb in the middle of the right shoulder twice a day for about half an hour. But keep in mind that the use of acupressure should not be empty stomach.

Heeled massage

Place your four fingers on the heel bone ie the ankle bone and slowly press. Give a quick push for one minute and then leave it slowly. Due to this massage, the digestive system is well-formed.

By massaging these parts of the body, you can not only control your appetite but also keep the digestion process right. The right food and massage can be reduced to around 2-3 kg per month. Be sure to lose weight every two months.

The 2 Week Diet