Reducing Weight | How To Reduce Weight 20 kg

Reducing Weight How To Reduce Weight 20 kg
Reducing Weight How To Reduce Weight 20 kg
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How to reduce weight 20 kg

 How to lose weight 20 kg, and save the result – Many women and girls who have the dream to get rid of a big overweight in the last one month, two months, 20 days or a week in the shortest time One question that torments. This article has lost weight of testimonials, as well as discusses various ways of losing weight up to 20 kg.Reducing Weight

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How to “weight 20 kg” in the last month

If you have given a good result to reduce 20 kg per diet, it is necessary to carry out the following recommendations: Reducing Weight

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Not to eat salt, sugar and (including intense) tastes

Not to eat salt, sugar and (including intense) tastes

Drink at least 2 litres of water every day.

Eat Vitamin Mineral Complexes. While Dieting

Avoid strenuous exercise. If you are facing a strong feeling of hunger, then

, You can drink a small curd.

How to reduce weight 20 kg

Diet menu

Morning: A boiled egg and curd

One day cup: boiled chicken breast (skinless) chicken broth (400-500 ml) and a cup of curd.

Evening: 200 grammes of a yoghurt cup or fat-free yoghurt. It has also allowed the use of coffee without sugar and milk.

This type of diet was difficult

How to reduce 20 kg in 2 months – Montignac diet developed by a nutritionist Michelle Montignac

Weight loss diet is a series of tips on how to properly combine foodstuffs. With this diet, you can lose up to 20 kg for 2 months. These recommendations are not complicated: Reducing Weight.

Reducing Weight  How To Reduce Weight 20 kg


Dressing up your diet and finishing with the yellow sauce, sauce, ketchup, etc.

Instead of completely eliminating white bread – rye eat bran.

Not to eat sugar

Food fats and carbohydrates are not alliances during the foodstuff.

Reducing Weight Avoid alcoholic beverages.

There is a high content of starch that does not eat those fruits and vegetables.

Eat three meals a day

Eat fruits for breakfast. Up to 3 litres per day –

Drink plenty of clean water.

How to reduce weight 20 kg These tips will help you lose extra kilos for 50-60 days

Of course, the duration is long enough for weight loss, but during this time the normal metabolism of the body will be easier and be used for new diet.18-20 days – 20 days through this diet.Reducing Weight.


How to reduce weight in 20 kg


The secret can be quite easy to reduce 20 kg, at a cost of less than a month. You should know what:

Eating lunch. This (in the first four days of giving breakfast in the following four, etc., for example), with the absence of every meal turn, from the meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) for each day. One is necessary to exclude.Reducing Weight | How To Reduce Weight 20 kg.

There are fewer calories healthy foods. The bottom is a diet with which you successfully lose 20 kg of extra weight.

How to reduce weight 20 kg

Diet weight 20 kg

Allow 1 day (any dinner) to reduce 4. Apple with apples, low-fat cheese and green tea: for breakfast.Built rice, chicken and cucumber salad and greens: at the midday meal.

5 (without breakfast) for 8 days. Food: Grain, boiled cod, a cup of egg and green tea. To eat rice: a salad of tomatoes and cabbage with lemon juice. You can also drink a glass of water.

Without 9 to 12 days (without lunch). For breakfast, eat a cucumber salad with olive oil and lemon juice. Wash it down with a glass of water. And boiled for dinner, Prepare beans and boiled breasts. You can also wash it with clean water. From 13 to 16 days.Reducing Weight | How To Reduce Weight 20 kg.

(No dinner). In the morning, taste a little less fat cheese and drink a cup of green tea with a sugar substitute. During the day you need to eat broccoli and drink it a glass of water. 17 to 20 per Day (without breakfast)

For the last 4 days. There is no breakfast, yet allowed to use hot milk (1-1.5 cups). In the afternoon meal, boiled cod with cucumber and herbs.And dinner For it to use a pair of rice and medium-sized tomatoes. 20 days is a 20-kg diet because it is quite easy to follow with that this diet claims which experience.Reducing Weight.

How to reduce weight 20 kg


People are gradually reduced gradually within three weeks of hunger, besides, the diet balanced. For as long as practically for 7-10 days and –


Think of how to lose a huge overweight in the shortest time, finally the week.Reducing Weight | How To Reduce Weight 20 kg.

To reduce 20 kg per weight. And firstly, there is a heavy stress for the body – it is important to understand that it is a weight of 20 kg per week.In addition, the effect of “extreme practices” will be less, And after the diet, the body begins to “gain momentum” in a strong form. In other words, adhering to preventing such a fierce diet, you are not only a threat that you return to the previous weight But also harmful Not to mention the ritual health is increased. If you still have taken a firm decision to “throw away” and “opposition” to throw 20 kg per week and in this case, then Reducing Weight.

How to reduce weight 20 kg

However, be sure to follow these guidelines: eating more than 1,000 calories,


Every day, and in the morning, lunch should be more nutritious than midday meal and dinner.

Finish junk food: Fast food, fried, dessert, starch meal. Save more fruits and vegetables (raw or cooked) Do not eat.Do not eat porridge on the water without salt. So if you are leading to further reduction in weight, you will clear the intestines. Exercise.In the work/school you ride a motorcycle, swim, and more steps, Let’s go. Both cash and expenses: Keep a diary where you will burn all the calories. To do fasting day in the week: only drink water and eat only fruits. Carbonated drinks in favour of fresh water and fresh juice Energy Avoid normal usage more liquid – at least 2 litres a day. To display all the tips mentioned above barely, but if you try to follow them, you lose 20 kg of your weight, and you have a near future Looks like a pretty slender figure will be able.Good luck! How to reduce weight to 20 kgAlaw’s review I’ve lost 20 kg in 20 days! I have eaten 20 kg in 20 days! For me, the result makes me happy! Lily: I got kicked by 19 kilos.My skin is not lame.Once they are made to watch the health of losing weight, eat the right food. In principle, everything is fine Veronica: I do not do it to you … I can lose 20 kg per year, is dangerous – but it is sagging, no stretch marks and health is normal.

The 1200 calorie diet plan for men was conceived in an age where an understanding of weight loss was “eating less, weighing less.” Eating less is essential for almost any weight loss program, but there are creative ways to lose weight. Use the old 1200 calorie method a day.Reducing Weight | How To Reduce Weight 20 kg

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