Quickest Weight Loss Program 30 Minutes of Fast Walking Weight Loss Program

Quickest Weight Loss Program 30 Minutes of Fast Walking Weight Loss Program
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30 minutes of fast walking weight loss program

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Walking is movement, the difficulty of the degree of difficulty, safety, power can be controlled independently of a simple and easy way, but very leisurely to go and do not achieve a good training effect, and due to physical injury Being too fast and easy too. People on the basis of any movement can be extended to speed up to 8 km/hr, after a period of fast walking exercise, when the speed can slow down slightly. Note that in addition to the speed of walking, there is a method to change the course of fast walking that allows you to have fun in this process, but also improve the effect of low fat, oh Here Xiaobian recommends a 30 minute fast walking weight loss program.

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10 minutes: Go straight to the normal rate


The beginning of 10 minutes is only to enter the movement of the body, the muscles are not completely ‘awake’, suddenly the tension is going to be very easy or sprain. 10 minutes mainly before running normal posture, chest thin straight line belly. Although not very fast, but not too slow, oh The speed of the average person walking 4 kilometres per hour, if you want to achieve the weight loss objectives, should be accelerated for a distance of 5.6 kilometres per hour.Quickest Weight Loss Program 


20 minutes: kicking ARM + going to go tough


After the first 10 minutes of exercise, body speed is entered in a good state. Therefore, the difficulty of walking in another 10 minutes has increased. 10 minutes before the kick is 5 minutes away, and then for up to 10 minutes of fast moving towards the top. Walking the leg can fully spread the legs, legs lines and more understanding rappelling down the first step below. In practice, then one step to kick or kick two ways to walk a kick. Then split a small step for a moment, after the change in speed decreases after running downwards. Walking can be the strength of the hard leg, but it can also do hip exercise. To pay attention to upslope time, step by step is not too fast, practical step speed.Quickest Weight Loss Program 


30 minutes: to increase the speed of walking


The last 10 minutes, the body has been completely done, instead of going up the speed to increase the speed of 10 feet to heat this time when the walking back and chest make it quite as far as possible. , The direction of the foot move, towards every step, to go with the toes so that the muscles at every step speed in the muscles. Come to a stop about the fastest, the end is forced to slow down the rate of.30 minutes after running fast, first stop immediately, do not stop the way you want to go for 5 walking, 10 minutes For, adjusting the physical condition, relax the muscles.Quickest Weight Loss Program 


Definitely fast and effective way, but not the basic week, thin, you are advised to run fast on one side only while following some other aerobic exercise and strength training. To maintain the daily exercise for 90 minutes of aerobic exercise per day schedule time up to two to three times the training. In addition, pay attention to the control, diet, and calorie intake control.

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