Lost Weight | Myths about weight loss

Lost Weight Myths about weight loss
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When a person wants to reduce a few kilogrammes extra

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It often uses the advice of the OBS service, nutrition and weight loss therapists (about B Abka down with the thought). It affects adverse consequences: a woman in the head is often contradictory and losing weight To get a clear plan and accumulate a large amount of thematic information, which does not help in adhering to it.

Lost Weight  Myths about weight loss


There continues in the narrow-minded cycle of thumb and certainly hated to get rid of extra kilos that are the most popular myths about weight loss.


Weight to lose weight

1) About losing 5 myths, you should only eat vegetables and fruits!

Lost Weight  Myths about weight loss


Certainly not! Vegetables, especially fruits, are made mainly by carbohydrates, but they will definitely not help in reducing weight. Carbohydrate – To give energy to our brains and bodies and necessary for normal life That is a sugar. But their use (blood glucose to do more than a safe value for the body

Lost Weight  Myths about weight loss


Starts, whenever it is released) reducing blood sugar levels, which is excessive surges of insulin.

Vegetables and fruits – Delicious and healthy, but better to prefer weight loss protein foods. There is a fibre that helps your digestive system function better because there is no need – but just abandon the vegetables.

Lost Weight  Myths about weight loss

Eternal Weight Loss, Question of: Diet or Exercise?


What is full of high content of insulin in the blood? This splitting (catabolism) protects against muscle and fat (fatigue) that is an important hormone. Not only that, insulin, the already existing fat duck is a bun Defence also contributes to the new reservation (statement)! in other words

Lost Weight  Myths about weight loss


If you eat more carbohydrates, worse it will be «burnt» already existing fat to accumulate new and better. Is it necessary for you? To lose weight – you have a lot of protein (they The levels of glucose in the blood do not change). There is almost no protein and some carbohydrate in fruits and vegetables. The best option for a diet is not right, right? By the way, it sure The verification, see the full vegetarians.


2) – is the best way to lose weight!


There are some truths in this game, because – it’s the hour of daily classes to limit.This is because the athletes are trained professionals.And they can often get what they want. You are equal to professional athletes who are of the population Not a member of 1% but if you do not exercise it is possible, and exercise.You even go for training for 3 hours a week in the gym for 2 hours.And you are 2 kilometres away Even if you are walking every morning, you are a professional player, but there is a slow metabolism, even if

Lost Weight  Myths about weight loss


You do not get any special diet to become slim and relief and I do not believe? Fedor, see who is the world champion in mixed martial arts, training is being done in the past every day:



Or Roy Nelson, also a fighter, who is a professional mixed martial:

Roy Nelson


Or more of the famous resident boxer Alexander Povetkin?

Alexander Povetkin


Do they feel poorly trained? Or not enough?

Lost Weight  Myths about weight loss


According to Alexander, he (… soup, dumplings, potatoes) did not bother to eat normal food and homemade food.As such, I am talking about my diet Ameliannanko.House food is made of fat and carbohydrate There is a lot involved. Result – No.That’s the reason that is on the body.


Diet – 70% will depend on how you look, some of which is yours.You can be courageous, strong, fast, but may be overweight.What are we eating? Remember that.


At the same time, in any case of the game it is not worth it, (which is what you need) If you help to make a figure not only thin and taut, muscle or relief, leave it Will happen.


3) The best way to lose weight – it’s running!


A special case of the previous council

Running – This is aerobic exercise (low intensity, which can be done for a long time). And (high intensity, which is carried out for a short time, is not anaerobic exercise) Anaerobic Exercise All the movements for the development of strength and muscle increase are included.

During the best interval training calorie burn, the alternate time of high and low intensity during which.


What is the best way to burn fat from two types of exercise? No, it combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise with no rest in between that best pie calorie workout. This type of training allows for maximum intensity and one Burning many calories as twice as compared to normal running in time.Airobic exercise and yes to run


It’s not the best thing to do. Let’s look at the calorie calculator:


For an hour of running at a moderate pace, you burn about 516 calories and 60 kg

You will burn 560 calories for the same weight, the weight of running an hour on a ski will be.

One hour of vigorous swimming you destroy 556.8 kilocalories of energy.

Lost Weight  Myths about weight loss

Hour session wrestling will be about 1,000 calories!

Figures can be slightly different for the metabolic rate, but the basic meaning is clear – it is the most effective exercise for burning fat, not too close to running.

Lost Weight  Myths about weight loss


You can get silly advice some sites on the internet

You run


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