Lose Weight Teenage Girl Diet for Teens

Lose Weight teenage Girl Diet for Teens
The 2 Week Diet

Lose Weight teenage Girl  Diet for Teens.

In today’s world, where the slender girl and the TV screen spreads among us a variety of fashion slim figure, the boys and magazines, advertising branded clothes, cosmetics and other accessories smiling on us from the TV screen,

Diet for teens. There are children in a young age when doing such cases with overweight, and not only are they obese that come with themselves. With the extra weight, the situation can lead to many health complications. One of the most dangerous diseases is diseases of diabetes and cardiovascular system.


How to lose weight quickly and correctly?

The need to concentrate on how to do it primarily, for the normal adolescent, to bring their weight back and their parents are growing properly, due to the damage to the organism.


First of all, it is worth to note that you can not use any diet for “adults.” Then, they are ‘adult’ to give effective results for the body already formed. As a teenager, the same age is just beginning hormonal changes, towards the various effects of the body.

Lose Weight teenage Girl  Diet for Teens


Not sensitive Entry and harmless activity that diet is as it appears, can cause serious injury.


Quickly do not try to lose weight should slowly but need a conviction and lose weight with devotion.


Teenage diet is to reduce the accumulation of excess fat.In this fight, you will also get help in the game. Alternately recorded in Karate or Dance School and speed up your workouts. All should be in some quantity.Last week In this arrangement of a pair of time runs on a sufficient swimming pool, jogging or a bicycle. Accordingly, you will soon reach the desired result – it will speed up the metabolic process. Not help Milegikkisor you should visit a doctor who will tell you to make obese suffer


Before you go on a diet, what foods you eat and what you can include in the diet should be better for clarifying what dose is the optimal weight. Even if your body needs a diet, teen, vitamins And should get minerals.


What is it – a diet for teenagers?

Diet for Teens You offer several options menu diets for teens aged 12 to 15 years old. They can be used alternately to add variety to food. Every teenager is also effective, which is a personal Diet can do, but remember that it will take care of your baking preferences.

The 3 Week Diet



The first version of the diet for breakfast. Nonfat cheese, boiled eggs (1 pc.), A glass of milk or tea with honey (150 grammes).


Lunch. Vegetable soup with the addition of green peas, chicken (150 grammes).


Breakfast. Tomato juice (or any vegetable), toast with a little butter and cheese of your choice.


Dinner. Fish low-fat varieties when cooked with herbs and salads.


Comment. This way they are able to lose weight that many teens neglect breakfast, and after the first meal in the morning – this is excitement and strength. The breakfast calories obtained during meals during the day and not deposited in the reserve during the meal. As for the cooking box


It is best to cook this meat, and not to fry. The broth is best to take a vegetable instead of meat. It is recommended to add white cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli sprouts, broccoli, how to soup And salads. These are low-calorie cabbage types, but these are many useful substances.


Better to use olive oil as a salad dressing. It was desirable to use in small quantities to make nutritious food was not very fresh.



The second edition of the diet for breakfast. Grain porridge, boiled meat, a glass of milk or tea.

lunch. Lean fish baked, cabbage and carrots, salad with a cup of tea.

Breakfast. Biscuit, (except for all bananas and grapes) fruits.

Dinner. Not very sweet Paneer casserole and yoghurt



The third edition of diet for breakfast. Boiled meat, toast, two and two tomatoes, one cup tea.

lunch. Borsch, a boiled egg, baked potatoes and coleslaw lean.

Breakfast. Options – curd and crackers or card.

Dinner. Chicken fillet and green tea.



The fourth edition of the diet for the diet snack for teens. A glass of cereal porridge, chicken, milk or tea.

Afternoon soup made from grain with Khanakmsrum, boiled eggs (2 pcs.), Tomato juice.

Breakfast. Biscuits and fruits

Dinner. 1 baked potato, a piece of cheese (50 grams), curd. Should be partial, teenagers who want to lose weight

Diet Recommendations for Catering


At least 4 parts should be small in the food, and the interval between the two methods of food should not be too long. You should also keep track of calories. They should not be too much.


Daylight diet should be done gradually. It should be kept out of the diet of the most harmful products gradually. For a start, sweet drinks, porridge, white bread (especially gum, candy, lollipop, Chocolate, in the form of toffee) is better to exclude a variety of sweets.


Bread to be consumed in moderation and preferably wholegrain, wholemeal, drink plenty of being brand Chania.trl substance

Required (more – better). The quantity of nutrients is quite small, but the use of salt completely is undesirable, should be abandoned.



The fruits and berries are doing the best for seasonal consumption. So then we have the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals. Chinese can be replaced with honey (not allergic), but also a lot of calories Because it should be taken in small amounts. Sufficient amounts of protein should be in the diet of teenagers who stick to the diet. Therefore, meat of Kritsa, eggs, milk and milk products The food should be included in the preparation. The same food applies to the plant. Vegetables can be eaten raw, and (cooked boiled), various cooked can be exposed to them. Also welcome grains. Correspondence store With juice, they should be kept out of the juvenile menu. They contain a lot of sugar, preservatives and colors. It is best to cook your own juice with fresh vegetables, berries and fruits. A very important place will be the first course in the diet of the poor. We can not forget about soup, borst and duck. Diet products for Kishore are best to use in low food in fat. However, switching to low-fat foods is not recommended. Choosing between fats and animal fat fats, priority should be given to the first. At the diet, the diet of the adolescent less In less semi-finished, there should be canned food noodles, smoking and very salty foods.It is better than one and the other such products are denied at all. Permission to spend the days of celebration (15 years). This should starve the teenager on liberation day That does not mean it. Once a week the menu will reduce the amount of fat and completely sweet dishes (cake, ice cream, chocolate, soda, dessert, very sweet fruit, etc.) But on the contrary, the increase in the amount of protein. It is very possible to lose 4 or 5 extra kilos of one month, about 90-100 grammes of their food should include a diet for teenagers. Diet and monitors stick to general recommendations for calorie foods, so they do not return soon at the same time.


The 2 Week Diet