10 Things no one Tells you about Lose Weight Meme

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10 things no one tells you about losing weight meme


  1. Your taste changes

Lose Weight Meme.You’re sensitive to the food that’s in front of you, and do spices suddenly taste stronger? As your pounds turn, your taste buds can change, says John Morton, head of bariatric surgery at Stanford University, “Prevention.com”.Lose Weight Meme. For him, the explanation is why obese people are looking for their satisfaction in eating, rather than paying attention to the taste. Morton also found that people who reduce their weight have less desire for salty food.


  1. Weight loss is not an equivalent to happiness

Sure, the joy is great when you reach your desired weight. You should not assume, however, that with your weight loss goals also solve all your problems in air.Lose Weight Meme. As a study by the University College in London has revealed, people who reduce their weight suffer almost twice as often from depression as those who hold their weight. The experts watched over 2000 overweight persons over a period of four years.Lose Weight Meme.


  1. The adjustment lasts

You reached your desired weight, but still, see the “fat girl” in the mirror? Do not worry, this is normal. The head takes significantly longer for the change over than your body. This also means that old habits remain intact. Nicole Zernone, a New York teacher, says, “Even though I’m slim, and other people in the supermarket queue are moving past me, I still move as if I had a lot more weight.”


  1. The relationship changes

Losing weight can have a positive or negative impact on your relationship.Lose Weight Meme Either it brings you and your partner closer together – or it leads to stress. For example, if one partner does not support the other in his weight loss goals. Or if the one urges the other to participate in the diet. Ideally, both aim for the same goal: to take a few kilos off.Lose Weight Meme


  1. You need more sweaters

When you are down, your body is running on a low heat – you start to freeze. This means that various body functions are slowed down or reduced for energy saving. The body takes the necessary energy from the fat deposits that the body has attached to the abdomen, legs and hip.Lose Weight Meme. To keep your body freezing, you should move regularly: it stimulates your metabolism and lets you grow muscles, which in turn burn fat.


  1. The memory is improved

As a Swedish study has found, decrease helps to bring the memory to the front man. Only a few kilos should be sufficient to provide a higher brain activity. Why is it like that? During the slimming process, the insulin level drops and the inflammatory processes in the body diminish. Both can have a positive effect on the memory.


  1. You look older

Your muscles and bones will thank you when you drop a few kilos, your skin may not. “After losing weight, I could not believe how old my face looked in the mirror,” Pamela Smith Finkelman told “Prevention.com”. The 58-year-old has lost 25 kilos. And indeed, a study published in 2015 has shown that women are more likely to lose their weight after weight loss – for face lifting.Lose Weight Meme.


  1. Your sleep is better

Lose Weight Meme.Yes, your sleep could also improve with weight loss. Why? If you lose weight, you are more active and therefore more exhausted in the evening. Ergo: You sleep better! By the way, complex carbohydrates, such as noodles, rice or potatoes, shorten the sleep time. Fat, hard-to-digest food and simple carbohydrates, such as sugars, disrupt a restful sleep.


  1. The kids will also lose weight

Experts have found that weight loss of parents leads to the fact that the children also lose weight. And that’s not all: your newcomer loses about 25 percent more weight than the case with you. The reason: children follow the example of the parents – and naturally have more energy that is burned.Lose Weight Meme.


  1. You are stressed

Do you want to lose weight even though you have already reached your ideal Lose Weight Meme? Are you afraid to grow again? Losing weight can be beautiful, but it can also mean putting pressure on you. And become obsessive. Instead of stress (which makes the way fat), one should rather relax – and glad that the goal is reached.

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