How To Lose Weight after Delivery 15 Best Ways to reduce Stomach Fat after Childbirth

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(15 best ways to reduce stomach fat after childbirth)

How to reduce belly fat after childbirth? Post Pregnancy Belly Reduction How to remove that small pouch on the stomach? How to tone the stomach? Why do I look pregnant even after delivery? All these questions come after the birth of a child in every mother’s mind. In this post, I am going to tell you about 15 best practices and tips that can help you reduce your stomach fat.

Our body is made in such a way that it reduces the amount of energy and collects fat to meet future needs. Therefore, it changes the diets consumed and deposits in women in places such as diaphragm, buttocks, and thighs in the minimum activity. The median of our body is most suitable for fat depositing because there is a need for less energy to freeze fat.

Story of my stomach – after baby


After my delivery, she was a small pouch on my stomach too. I ignored it, but one day my manager asked me “oh your section delivery was done? Your belly has gone out !! ” At that time I paid attention to it and I felt very embarrassed. On that day I came back home and I promised myself that everything was eaten, and breastfeeding me, I will be able to get rid of this fat. Post Pregnancy Belly Reduction

How To Lose Weight after Delivery 15 best ways to reduce stomach fat after childbirth
How To Lose Weight after Delivery 15 best ways to reduce stomach fat after childbirth


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I am telling all things from my experience. So, feel free to try it out.

  1. Breastfeeding Calories Burns !!

Yes, do not worry, calorie burns with breastfeeding !! This is an exercise that does not require much physical effort, but it helps to reduce fat from your body. Breastfeeding helps the mother to burn 500 calories a day !! Therefore breastfeeding with small tasks of home can help you reduce your stomach fat.


  1. Tommy band/belly belt

Tummy bands or belly belts help to protect your stomach out of the exterior in the first few months, especially after delivery. Traditionally, covering a diaphragm, a cotton sari is wrapped around the stomach. But wearing it I felt very tired and inconvenient, so after 3-4 days, I stopped wearing it. But true, it is useful !!

Tummy bands or belly belts are available in different prices and sizes in the market. You can choose a good quality belt. This definitely helps you.

  1. It is useful to make dinner fast !!

As a mother, we always run away from our mischievous infant or give it to our young child, due to which we are very tired until the end of the day. So my first mantra is to do the last meal of the day till 7.30 at night. Okay, up until 8 o’clock Post Pregnancy Belly Reduction

This helps the body to digest your food properly before sleeping, so all the calories consumed in it later turn into energy and not fat!


  1. Take carbohydrates in dinner (but quick)

I am one of the people who take carbohydrate, I can not eat dinner with ‘Protein only, no carbohydrate’, so I have rice/wheat pasta/tapioca / roti / phukka / around 6.30-7.00 am Take carbohydrates like chapati and after that, take dinner and other nutritious meals in a small amount of dinner. Thus, after taking my meals in small quantities, my body gets enough time to digest it well and there is no fat accumulation on my stomach. According to me, to get good sleep after a tired day, anyone should include carbohydrates in their dinner. So do not leave rice or bread at night.

When I was hungry in the night I used to eat brown rice. So slowly it started to appear on my stomach. I eat it even today, but I have just changed my time (before 8 o’clock).

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  1. Drink lemonade or eat fruits !!

Yes, after rising in the morning, one glass of warm water mixed with lukewarm water and drink half lemon juice. It helps digestion of the toxic substances from our body, together with digestive enzymes.

You should always eat a fruit after you get up. If you want to take lemonade, eat fruit after 10 to 15 minutes.


  1. Small diet, good diet

Instead of taking 3 main diets in large amounts, divide them into 5-6 small foods.

For example, instead of taking ghee 4 loaves, rice, chicken curry and salad, first, eat only one bowl salad. After this, take 1 or 2 ghee of bread after 3 hours with a bowl of chicken curry. Post Pregnancy Belly Reduction


  1. Use whole fruit and vegetables !!

Instead of drinking juice, try to take full fruit and vegetables. The fiber contained in them helps you.

  1. Take whole grains!

Whole grains are good sources of dietary fiber, which help you to eat less during the next meal.


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  1. Popcorn without butter and salt = low stomach fat

Yes, do not go to the movie theater with a big pop of butter popcorn !! The high amount of salt and butter make that good nutritious popcorn fat. So take popcorn tub without saltless/low salt, and your favorite movie

  1. Processed food !!

Stay away from packaged potato chips with any taste. Stay away from the Baked Bakery products, which are non-fiber-free, bleached, refined and powder form of wheat.

The best way to stay away from them is by not buying them in the house. This remedy is always useful for me.

Therefore, whenever I feel hungry, I have to choose a healthy nutritious diet, because at home I do not have packets of instant food packets / instant food packets. Post Pregnancy Belly Reduction


  1. More oil = more fat

Being a Keralite, I have a habit of using a high amount of coconut oil or any other oil. Therefore, to control this bad habit, I changed the nozzle cap of oil bottles with a small cap. So whenever I use them I get the limited amount of oil, thus cooking oil is controlled. If you do not want to spend money on bottles with small nozzle caps, you can also use small spoons.

Keep in mind that you should use ghee and oil every day to cook, but do not overuse it every day as a cooking fuel.

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  1. Water, water everywhere !!

Yes, drink water until your urine is cleaned. But not at a time, this will make your stomach grow more. So drink a glass of water every 2 hours.

In my office, I aim to finish 2 bottles of water in a day, thus helping me to know about your water intake on a daily basis.

You can also use juice/buttermilk / coconut water for adequate hydration.


  1. Sleep

It is a bit difficult for mothers, especially for new mothers. Cortisol hormone is unbalanced by low sleep, due to which the fat accumulates on the stomach.

My theory is that whenever you get the time you sleep


  1. Get inspiration

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Now it’s the most important, and easy !!

Just turn on the TV and listen to any movie or Bollywood song. Heroines inspire me, I think of those strict diet plans, exercises, and sacrifices, which they do to look and feel good. After listening to one or two songs, I get completely motivated !!

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