How To Lose Weight in a Day at Home Reduce 7 kg Weight in 7 days: diet tips

How To Lose Weight in a Day at Home
The 2 Week Diet

How To Lose Weight in a Day at Home  Reduce 7 kg Weight in 7 days: diet tips

Do you have to lose 7 kg weight in 7 days? You may find this thing a bit awkward but we assure you that if you take this diet for 7 days, you will lose weight of up to 7 kg. Many people in this new year’s work will have taken the idea that they will lose their weight, but it is very difficult for many people to do it. Take care of one thing that diet is a very important role in weight loss.


Men can reduce their stomach, our 70 percent weight can be controlled only with the diet. The rest of the weight can be reduced by doing a little exercise. There are 7 days in a week and on these Sato days if you pay attention to your diet then you will become very thin. So let’s know what these 7 days of diet should be.


The first day is the most important day of our diet. It should start from some healthy and light diet, which should be only fruits and fruits. You do not want to eat anything other than fruit throughout the day. You can eat all the fruits except bananas in fruits. Drink plenty of water beside this.


On the second day if you want to lose weight, then you should consume the vegetables on the second day. If you want, make a vegetable salad or boil it. This will soon reduce the weight. As a vegetable, you can also dry potatoes, but it should be boiled.

How To Lose Weight in a Day at Home  Reduce 7 kg Weight in 7 days: diet tips


On the third day on the third day, you can also include fruits with vegetables. If you want to reduce 7 kg in 7 days, then start the day with fruits, after which vegetables and salad in lunch, eat whatever fruit or vegetable you eat. Do not include potatoes and bananas on the third day.


On the fourth day, you only have to eat banana and milk. You eat smudge or milkshake. Milk should be skimmed or fat will increase.

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On this day you eat 1 cup boiled rice on the fifth day. On this day you should consume at least 7 tomatoes throughout the day. Do not eat rice at dinner and take it tomatoes. Increase the amount of water by 12 glasses to 15 glasses.


On the sixth day, you have to eat vegetables. Along with lunch, you can eat rice.


On the seventh day, you can also consume one cup boiled rice. During this time you can take your mind like fruit and vegetables. Keep drinking fruit juice throughout the day.


The 2 Week Diet