How To Lose Weight on Belly 10 Remedies, how to reduce obesity

How To Lose Weight on Belly 10 Remedies, how to reduce obesity
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How to reduce stomach: 10 remedies, how to reduce obesity

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Increasing the need for stomach obesity and weight has become commonplace in today’s changing urban routine, then after some time, we start worrying about reducing our weight and reducing stomach obesity, in this post, today Learn how to reduce belly and 10 different useful tips for it.

Obesity reduction measures:

Let us here, we know that they can get rid of their fat stomach and excess weight by trying out the 10 ways, without any hassle without sitting in our house.


These methods are very easy, but to get benefit from them, you have to follow them regularly, but since it is very easy, anybody can try them out.

 1 Reduce sugar intake for weight loss



It has been said in various scientific tests that sugar is quite harmful to health and it is one of the major factors of increasing obesity.

How To Lose Weight on Belly


You may like cold drinks, sweet tea, a lot of sweet foods, and many other sweet foods, but if you want to lose belly and weight, then stay away as much as possible with sugar substances.

Tips For Losing Fat


  1. Make these changes in food: – Protein more, reduce carbohydrates


Obesity Consumption – The Right Foods

Our weight and stomach increase most of the food items, which are high in fat and carbohydrates.How To Lose Weight on Belly 


Therefore, whenever hunger starts eating an excess of protein substances, and cut into carbohydrate substances, in your diet.


Protein-rich foods – all types of pulses, soybean, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, rajma, sesame, cottage cheese, cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, capsicum, peas, dried fruits etc.


Made from these: Oil products, sweet foods, processed foods, junk food, soda, cold drinks, canned food, microwave popcorn, milk production with artificial hormones, more grains, trans fats, vegetable oils, etc. Stay away from it.How To Lose Weight on Belly 


In addition, foods rich in fibre will also be helpful in reducing weight and obesity.


It has also been seen that if we are eating in the group then we eat more, so if possible, eat more time alone and in solitude.How To Lose Weight on Belly 

  1. Kapalbhati Pranayama

  2. How To Lose Weight on Belly 10 Remedies, how to reduce obesity
    Kapalbhati Pranayama


There are many such asanas, pranayama and exercises in yoga and pranayama, if a person does regularly, he can easily live in good health.How To Lose Weight on Belly 


But if one of them is the easiest and directly impacted on the stomach obesity, it is “Kampalbhati Pranayama”




  1. Drink hot water


Measures to Reduce obesity – Hot water

Baba Ramdev recommends “drinking hot and lukewarm water” regularly in the most effective measures to reduce obesity in his yoga camps.

Drinking with hot and lukewarm water, plain or lemon is very useful for reducing the body’s purification and fat.


  1. Meditate


Obesity Consumers – Yoga Meditation

Do you know that in many scientific tests it has been seen that the person who develops his self-consciousness and concentration and self-awakening with meditation, yoga, his direct benefit is in the form of good health and lack of obesity With much self-consciousness, the person is more conscious and aware of his eating habits and has the capacity to keep his mind away from harmful spicy food for health.


  1. Easy to lower abdominal exercises


If a workout is small and easy it does not mean that it is not useful and effective.


By sitting at your home, lying down or standing, you can do a lot of small exercises, which if you do regularly, will prove to be the goal of reducing your obesity and as a growing step.


There are many such exercises, such as “microscopic exercises, butterfly, lip biking with feet, lying down the feet, jumping rope, etc.




  1. TV Reduce work to see, laptop and other sitting


A study of 76 graduate students found that the students who watched more television ate more often and ate too much.


And during such other activities, our physical activity also gets very low, which increases the rate of fatigue in our body.


Therefore, reduce such activities and sit-ups.


8 Eat only if you are hungry


Very often it happens that we do not do anything to just remove our boredom or during entertainment or just to taste.

On applying only on fast appetite, food digestion will also be improved and this will also help in reducing the accumulated fat in your body.

  1. Regular and take a stroll every 2 hours


Measures to Improve Obesity – Regular Stroll

Scientific trials found that walking normally is more like running for health and more rewarding than running in many ways.

So if you habitually walk around and walk for 5 minutes after every 2-3 hours of work, then it will be very beneficial for you.

Apart from this, a habit of strolling for a while before eating food will also be right for you.

  1. How To Lose Weight on Belly Eat on time


Eat a good nutritious breakfast in the morning. Do the night meal 2 hours before sleeping so that it can digest well before sleeping.

Hope you have a way to reduce this stomach and the solution is easier and more It will be beneficial and you will continue to enjoy these pleasures of better health and happiness by following them smoothly from your life.


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