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    Ice therapy at home for weight loss

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In the warm summer time, you do not feel like a sauna or other heat treatments, but this ice cream therapy can be very pleasant to support weight loss. If you want to know more about this, we recommend you to read this article.


Slim through the cold?

Yes, cold can help with weight loss and also with various complaints, even if the application is not very common. For example, ice can help with the throat ache better than hot tea, since it has a refreshing and non-irritating effect. But this is another issue.


Today is the ice therapy for losing weight. If you have already tried it with heat treatments and could not lose weight, you will probably get better results with cold.


In various studies, it could be confirmed that ice helps to burn fat. It should be very effective to lose weight and tighten the skin. The feeling is similar to a cold shower or swimming in the cold water.


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What is the ice cream therapy?

We explain this therapy to you in more detail: Ice is applied to various, flaccid or problem zones, to tighten the skin and promote fat reduction. Ice therapy offers the following advantages:


Detoxification of the body

Skin tightening

Natural lifting for the skin

Reduces cellulite

Promotes blood circulation (in combination with a peeling)

Reduces the volume in a few sessions

The ice cream therapy is from Mexico and was developed in early 2000 to promote weight loss in combination with exercise and a healthy diet. The results can be seen from the first application since ice alone or in combination with medicinal plants “melts” the fat and promotes the production of new cells.

 How To Lose Fat at Home

There are different ways to use the ice and benefit from all the advantages. The treatment can be performed with “cold packs”, gel-filled bags or strips, which are commercially available for certain body parts such as eyes or abdomen. These “cold packs” are frozen and then placed in the desired place. If you want to try the ice cream at home, you can simply put ice cubes in a plastic bag and wrap it in a fine cloth, then place it in the desired zone for a few minutes.


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In many cities, there are specialised beauty salons, which offer treatments with ice therapy. First, a mud patch is applied to cleanse and soften the skin. At the same time, the circulation is promoted in order to prepare the skin for the ice therapy. Afterwards, a message with ice is performed. So far, no negative side effects have been observed.

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The ice cream therapy is recommended for those who want to tighten and tone the skin. This technique is not only intended for women, although it is mainly applied by women. It is recommended especially after pregnancy and lactation since it is not an invasive technique and no side effects occur, this treatment can be carried out easily.


Even women over 40 can benefit from this therapy to tighten the skin in the chest, on the buttocks or on the abdomen. Even after a strict weight loss diet or for those who have not yet succeeded with other weight loss methods, ice therapy is helpful. People with eyes, limp thighs or skin folds on the stomach can also benefit from this therapy.


There are various types of ice cream in the trade which can improve the effect of this therapy. Some of them contain oils or medicinal herbs in order to treat specific complaints.



There are the following options:


Ice against stretch marks

Ice for a flat belly

Ice for a slimmer waist

Ice for the face

Ice against sagging skin

Ice cream for post-pregnancy application

How is the ice cream therapy performed at home?

If you want to save money on beauty salons, you can do this therapy at home and benefit from the positive results in a few applications.


You need:

3 tablespoons horsetail

1 handful of rosemary

3 tablespoons soluble coffee

1 handful of climbing ivy

1 kg of green tea or Mate

1/2 L of water


All ingredients are cooked for 15 minutes and then allowed to cool until room temperature is reached. Then fill in a plastic container (preferably ice cubes) and freeze. Then the desired places can be massaged circularly with the ice. If you have very sensitive skin, you should pack the ice in a plastic bag so that the skin is not irritated.

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