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: Hey, guys.Today we’re going to be talking about seven

steps or seven secrets to lose weight fast.And Jordan weight loss just isn’t about looking

good, it’s about feeling good and transforming your health as well.So we’re going to talk about the best essential

oils, herbs, vitamins, supplements, foods, and natural treatments that can help you lose

weight fast.I remember Jordan when I first got into fitness.I went to the University of Kentucky and started

learning as a personal trainer.And I ate this diet that every morning I would

do egg whites and oatmeal, for lunch, I would do chicken breast and broccoli and brown rice,

I actually I ate five meals a day and I was just always hungry, and I was just miserable.How to Lose Body Weight  7 Secrets to Lose Weight Fast.I got [inaudible 00:00:41] I cannot keep up

the diet thing anymore.And so today we’re going to talk about eating

real food and still losing weight the right way.Jordan: It’s funny.We are learning things about each other on

the air.I just realized that on the last program that

we both had ADHD as children.Josh: Oh yeah.Jordan: And now I realize that when I too

was a personal trainer in college, I went to Florida State University, afraid to say

that after this week’s bashing at the hands of [inaudible 00:01:05].Josh: Yeah, there you go.Jordan: So in addition, I consumed a diet

How to Lose Weight 10 Kg Losing Weight Rapidly

that was as high carb and low fat as possible because in the ’90s the early ’90s the fat-free

the craze was everywhere.All I did was feel tired and weak all the

time.But I kept doing it because I was told this

is the right thing to do.So if you’ve ever been on a diet whether it’s

vegan food combining macrobiotic, whether it’s balancing this, that or the other and

it made you miserable and you got the opposite effect, let us know about it.Josh: All right, here we go.How to Lose Body Weight  7 Secrets to Lose Weight Fast.Let’s jump into secret number one, we’re going

to unveil, number one secret to lose weight and to lose it fast.And most people probably have never heard

of this, what’s the water cure?Jordan: Well the water cure has been applied

for thousands of years in different iterations, but what I’m talking about is the specific

information on using water to lose weight.And here’s the tip, and it’s so simple, and

it’s so free, it’s ridiculous.So consume filtered water and every time you’re

hungry, every time you go to the fridge, every time you go to the pantry, drink eight ounces

of water.And people say, “Well is it cold water is

it warm water?”I know you’re very interested in sort of Chinese

and Ayurvedic medicine.They will tell you room-temperature water

is best but some people say cold.But eight ounces of water whenever you’re

hungry and I guarantee you if you remember you’re hungry you’ll eat less.Now the water cure has much more to it but

the water cure for weight loss, drink eight ounces of water every time you’re hungry and

when you reach for the cupboard, reach for the pantry, I would even put, Josh, a sticky

note on the fridge or the pantry that says,drink eight ounces of water.I guarantee you, you will eat less food.Josh: Now Jordan, talking about our old fitness

days, what I remember I used to do and what a lot of people used to do is carry around

a big gallon jug of water.Jordan: In the gym and yeah.Josh: And drink all day.I used to remember I would try and drink at

least a gallon a day and I would have to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes when you

drink so much water.But there’s no doubt about it.Drinking more water helps keep you more full,

helps cleanse your system, and can absolutely help you lose weight.How to Lose Body Weight  7 Secrets to Lose Weight Fast.So what I’d recommend is, taking your bodyweight

and drinking at least half of that in ounces of water daily if not equal to.So get a lot of water.I love carrying around a big stainless steel,

a clean canteen or swell bottles drinking those throughout the day especially loading

up on water between your meals.So Jordan let’s jump into step number two

here and herbs.I’ll share a couple of my favorite herbs for

weight loss and have Jordan . . . and we actually didn’t even discuss the herb so I hope I don’t

take yours but I probably will.At least a couple.So one of my favorite herbs for weight loss

of course, is going to be a herb called cinnamon.Cinnamon is great for something called GTF,

that’s Glucose Tolerance Factor.And listen, this is big.If you’re a person who part of the reason

you can’t lose weight on a diet is because of cravings.It’s like you’re always having these cravings

all the time.Cinnamon is fantastic, and what I do Jordan

is I love adding a little bit of cinnamon typically of . . .

Jordan: To everything.Josh: To everything.But I do about a teaspoon in a smoothie for

breakfast, in fact I even made an Israelidish this weekend and . . . yeah, there you

go I did actually some ground sirloin, I addeda little bit of cinnamon there and did some

parsley and onion in things.It was fantastic.So cinnamon, great for your blood glucose

levels.And another one of my favorites is holy basil.How to Lose Body Weight  7 Secrets to Lose Weight Fast.Holy basil also known as tulsi, it’s known

as an adaptogenic herb.And one of the reasons why I believe it’s

so beneficial for weight loss is because italso helps in balancing out cortisol levels.When that hormone cortisol gets high it can

also affect insulin and other hormones inthe body, causes emotional stress and not

only does it help you lose weight, Jordan,it helps relieve stress, help support organ

function.And there are a lot of other herbs we can

touch on here but I’ll hand it off to you.Jordan: Absolutely.You didn’t take mine.Just to be very clear, the herbs that I’m

going to mention to you function in two specificways.Number one, you want to trigger fat burning

with thermogenic or hot herbs.Hot peppers are the way to go, jalapenos,

cayenne, and various chili peppers are great.So think hot peppers are not only high in

Vitamin C but they help to stimulate thermogenesis,which means generation of heat, so fat burning

will be triggered by consuming hot peppers.And Josh, you talked about hormones a moment

ago, when it comes to weight loss a lot ofhormones are involved.Insulin and glucagon, so when you’re talking

about insulin management, cinnamon, as Joshmentioned, is amazing.And if you consume one teaspoon of cinnamon

a day you are in line with all the clinicalresearch, absolutely amazing.You can also make a cinnamon tea, or decoction,

or just eat the cinnamon chips.They’re so, so good if you get bulk cinnamon

herbs.To a lot of people think that stressed is

dessert spelled backwards, well actually itis.But folks think about it, we eat when we’re

upset, we eat to celebrate, everything somehowgets back to cookies and cream doesn’t it?But ashwagandha in tea form, supplement form,

and pretty much any form, helps reduce cortisolwhich helps reduce belly fat, helps you sleep

better, helps you look better.Ashwagandha is the quintessential anti or

adaptogenic herb.It is known as winter cherry and it’s one

of the big three herbs in India, joining turmericand holy basil or tulsi.So what we talked about just a recap.Cinnamon we talked about which is wonderful

for blood sugar and glucagon.We talked about hot peppers, we talked about

ashwagandha, and then you added another onein there, holy basil.So those four are awesome, tea form, powder

as a spice or supplement form, those willhelp you begin to lose weight by generating

internal heat and reducing cortisol as wellas insulin.Right there we could stop the show and you’ll

already be on track to lose weight.Josh: Yeah absolutely.We’re going to jump into step three here in

just one second.But I want to mention this.What Jordan mentioned with ashwagandha is

so big because there are a lot of people Jordantoday who are trying to lose weight by doing

a lot of different supplements and pills.Sometimes even medications.The reason why ashwagandha is so effective

is it really works with your hormones andyour thyroid.A lot of people today, due to hypothyroidism,

Hashimoto’s disease, that’s part of the reasonwhy they’re gaining weight.And there are medical clinical studies showing

ashwagandha supports T3 levels, T4 especially,TSH or Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, it is

key to lose weight especially if it’s causedby cortisol and different hormone levels here

as well.Now let’s jump into step number three, essential

oil number one.We touched on the herb, cinnamon essential

oil contains a compound called cinnamaldehydewhich has actually been shown in clinical

trials to help balance blood sugar.Jordan, in fact, a recent study out of the

Mayo Clinic did a study on cinnamaldehydeor cinnamon extract which is high in cinnamaldehyde

and found that it was very effective in actuallytreating diabetics.In fact, it was one of the most effective

treatments they had found for diabetes.Jordan: I got to tell you, when it comes to

essential oils and herbs, it’s hard to beatturmeric and cinnamon.Josh: Oh yeah.Jordan: Cinnamon is probably my number two

favorite herb and the oil is amazing.I use it on my toothpaste every day, I just

put some cinnamon on it, and it’s absolutelygreat.Cinnamon essential oil not just inhaled but

take a few drops every day because the cinnamonoil differs from the cinnamon extract which

is a water extract.The hot water extract or a tea does not give

you what the essential oil gives you.So when we talked about herbs, the cinnamon

herb is different than the cinnamon essentialoil.You need both so take a few drops a day, you’ll

be very glad that you did and it tastes really,really yummy.When you buy a cinnamon essential oil make

sure the oil is certified organic and labeledas a dietary supplement for internal use.And next, ginger as you mentioned.Ginger is good for so many things.But it really is good for weight loss and

cardiovascular health, also helping with inflammation.Now people have been talking about your fat

being another organ, and then now they’resaying that your microbiome is another organ.So that means we’ve got some extra organs

to take care of and perhaps the most important.So, ginger, essential oil, again, that’s different

than ginger extract.The spice will have some oils but not as much.Ginger essential oil is great.It’s mildly thermogenic, it’s a cardiotonic,

and it’s an anti-inflammatory, pretty awesome.Josh: Absolutely.Yeah, ginger one of the reasons I love it

as well as it helps warm your system.Jordan: Absolutely.Josh: In Chinese medicine, it’s great for

digestion as Jordan’s talking about.Another oil I don’t have on the list but I

think is fantastic for weight loss is actuallyblack pepper essential oil.Black pepper Jordan mentioned earlier of the

hot peppers that he had talked about reallywarming your system.So black pepper oil is great.But probably my favorite essential oil for

fat loss is grapefruit oil.And there are studies Jordan on people actually

smelling grapefruit oil and it actually helpingyour body produce enzymes that break down

body fat.And especially reduce cravings, is a big thing.Jordan: Absolutely.And also grapefruit is great for blood sugar.So think about it, if you’re sitting there

and you’ve got diabetes or metabolic syndrome,your blood sugar will be improved, what does

your doctor tell you?If you lose some weight.So I recommend every day, a combination of

cinnamon essential oil, ginger essential oil,and grapefruit.Two drops of each in juice or in water warm

or cold, three times a day.That’s a lot, but it’s very worth it.So two drops of each of the three essential

oils, two to three times a day right beforemeals is a great way to do it or on an empty

stomach, I think you’re going to have greatresults.Now when you’re using grapefruit anything

make sure that there’s not any interactionswith your medications because one of the reasons

grapefruit works it does alter your detoxificationenzyme system.But in this case, it will help you as long

as you are not on medications than can be,let’s just say, problematic.What happens with grapefruit, it extends the

half-life or shortens the breakdown of a medication.It stays in your system longer which is why

you need to be careful if there’s any druginteractions between grapefruit and your medicine.Josh: Awesome.Absolutely great.And we can touch on other oils here.There’s things like holy basil oil.I think lavender and chamomile oil can be

great for reducing stress which in fact willhelp weight loss.Jordan, a lot of people hold on to body weight,

in fact there’s a study on this because they’renot sleeping enough.Jordan: Yes.I was going to get into this, this is the

number eight secret we don’t have here.But there’s been research that shows that

sleeping more has you eat less.They did a study where people slept four hours

a night, so it wasn’t no sleep.Four hours a night for an extended period

of time and they all had greater sugar cravingsand carb cravings the next day.So getting sleep not only the right amount

but at the right time is critical.But so is coconut oil.Josh: There we go.Jordan: You’ve heard the fads, you’ve heard

the, let’s say, gigantic claims, we were thevery first folks to bring extra virgin coconut

oil or virgin coconut oil to health food storesall the way back in 2004, maybe 2003.And back then the coconut diet craze was just

hitting.But coconut is great for the thyroid.So if you want to replace your fat go for

an oil change with coconut oil, two to fourtablespoons a day, cook with it, in smoothies,

eat it off the spoon, you can massage it useit as a carrier oil.In fact would be awesome, Josh, is take a

tablespoon of coconut oil, drop some of theseessential oils into it and put it in your

mouth and actually let it sort of dissolve.That could replace putting those essential

oils . . . and that’d be a pretty cool thingto do.Josh: Yeah.I’ll mention a couple other great thoughts

here by Jordan.One, you could do all pulling with it, there’s

another thought, a great thing.Jordan: That’s right.That is awesome.Josh: And then also here another thing is,

you could sort of make your own . . . I’veseen Jordan and people do natural cellulite

rubs early on mixing coconut oil with grapefruitand ginger specifically.Jordan: Wow.Josh: Rubbing it in an area I think can be

beneficial as well.But coconut oil, Jordan, one of the reasons

why we both know it’s so effective for fatloss is it can change those medium chain triglycerides

which your body actually has to go througha lot shorter process to burn for energy versus

other fats.And so this is why a reason I think a lot

of triathlons, triathletes actually consumeit before a workout and even during workouts,

my cousin who’s a triathlete here in Tennessee,he actually does a mixture of coconut oil,

raw honey, and some sea salt . . .Jordan: Yeah, fat loading.Josh: Fat loading before he does his Ironman

triathlons, and again . . .Jordan: It beats the old spaghetti dinners,

doesn’t it?Josh: Oh yeah, there you go.So again coconut oil, so beneficial for fat

loss.Jordan: Okay.What do we have next?Collagen.Josh: Collagen.Jordan: Now here is something that’s interesting

and you may be somebody who’s been on theseyo-yo diets and often what I hear is, I lost

water weight but I look older.Have you heard that before?Where somebody loses weight or if they lose

a lot of weight they have all this extra weakskin.Collagen, not only in my opinion, can help

you lose weight because it sort of swellsin the gut and it helps to delay gastric emptying,

etcetera.I actually think that it helps you look better

along the way because it strengthens yourconnective tissue.So if you are interested in losing weight

and looking better, this is basically, lookyour best for your 20, 30, or 40th year of

high school reunion.Collagen is a great protein source for you

not only to lose weight but to look betterat the same time.You don’t want to lose weight and look older.I know people that have had various gastric

surgeries and they lose weight but sometimesthey look worse.They’re ashen, they’re sort of just not healthy

looking skin-wise.Collagen would be a huge help if you’re somebody

who’s had bariatric surgery.Josh: Yeah.I absolutely agree.And a few other just important notes about

collagen, one, I mentioned cellulite earlier,I think one of the reasons is people start

to lose weight, and their skin starts to sag,or cellulite build up.There are some critical things missing.Number one is collagen as you’re saying.We know proline and glycine are so crucial

for that collagen matrix in tightening andtoning up your skin.Also, we know that collagen is critical because

it’s protein, its amino acids.And if somebody is going to lose weight Jordan,

I typically put them on a diet that is highin protein, fiber, and healthy fats.Skip doing a lot of the starches, and a lot

of the sugars.Jordan: Absolutely.Josh: And really load up on fiber healthy

fat and protein during a diet, I think it’scritical.And collagen, there are many different types

of collagen.I know we love collagen Type 1, Type 2, Type

3, Type 5, and Type 10.Collagen Type 2 specifically is very, very

good for your gut health.Type 1 and 3 it helps tone and tighten your

skin.So we recommend doing . . . I love doing recipes

with a collagen powder, doing a collagen protein,a couple scoops in a smoothie every single

morning with some flax meal, some coconutoil or coconut milk.Really doing that thermogenic metabolism boosting

smoothie first thing in the morning, and thenalso the number one food that’s high in collagen,

Jordan, is what?Jordan: Bone broth or alternately eating the

parts of the animal that we typically ignore.We talked about how the crispy organic chicken

skin is a good source of hyaluronic acid,doesn’t have to be crispy but it tastes much

better.Josh: Oh yeah.Jordan: And even the fat that comes from bone

broth which we call sort of bone broth omegasis awesome.So that fat that my grandmother called schmaltz,

save it, it’s really good.But collagen is a great protein source because

it does not contribute to kidney and livertoxicity.It’s used differently due to its amino acid

makeup.So people that are consuming hundreds of grams

of whey protein, pea protein, egg protein,rice protein, they’ve got to detoxify that.Collagen actually helps to detoxify.Collagen might be the best weight loss protein.Josh: Yeah absolutely.And this is something, hey if you know somebody

who’s really big into fitness, maybe workingout a lot, I think they need to know this

information Jordan.Most of them are actually consuming too many

forms of animal protein and plant-based proteinand not enough collagen and bone broth and

things like that on a daily basis that reallysupport their joints, their connective tissue,

their gut health, their skin.It is critical.Collagen, beneficial for so many things.Jordan: What is BurstFit and really what is

the general category . . .Josh: Oh here we go.Jordan: That we would call that in the literature

that makes BurstFit successful.Because get this folks, cardio is out.I know that aerobics was real popular.There’s some good benefits.But don’t you see people that run marathons

and do aerobics and you’re wondering, you’rea marathon runner like?You’re into exercise?Because they don’t look good.What’s the reason and what should people be

doing no matter what level of fitness they’reat?Josh: I’m a big believer in burst training,

but here’s the absolute truth.I did triathlons for years and it really,

if you start doing long distance triathlons,I’m not talking about the springs, but the

longer distance in marathon running, you startgetting frail, you start getting weak, I really

remember it zapped my strength.And so one of the things they’re finding is

that can increase cortisol over time.And if cortisol stays high over time it can

be known as your aging hormone.You can actually age faster because of all

of the oxidative stress on your body versusburst training.And burst training is exercising like a sprinter

rather than a marathon runner.And so if you typically would go out and just

run and do a jog, or get on the treadmilland go one steady pace, instead you’re getting

on a treadmill or I typically instead do thison something like a spin bike and I’ll go

really hard for 30 seconds, and then easyfor 30 seconds, and really hard and so you’re

doing intervals of sprint’s and resting.And the incredible thing Jordan, is they’ve

done studies, in fact, there was a great studydone in Wales and they actually did the study

on spin bikes.Jordan: You’re saying the whales that sprinted

when they were spinning were in much bettershape than the ones . . .

Josh: Exactly, these whales were really fit.They were trim.Jordan: Sorry.Josh: No, you’re good.The country Wales.And they did a study on a spin bike and they

had people do 20 minutes of interval training versus 40 minutes of straight steady hard

cardio on a spin bike.The incredible thing was, after the 10-week

study the group that exercised half the amount of time, the 20 minutes that did the burst

training lost three times more body fat than the another group.Jordan: And get this, the cyclists because

they are cyclists, they actually improved long-distance cycling by not practicing

for their event.Isn’t it amazing?I used to say, would you rather look like

a sprinter or a marathon runner minus the whole small Speedo thing that’s not attractive

on men regardless, but that’s pretty amazing because if you look at someone like a Usain

Bolt and some of those guys . .Josh: Amazing.Jordan: They’re in great shape, chiseled,

whereas marathon runners kind of tend to be weak and really thin right?And cyclists are the same.I used to look at the top cyclists and I thought

their arms are this big because they are burning cortisol and they’re burning protein.Josh: Yeah, absolutely, Jordan.You look at this Olympics, Allyson Felix.I mean just an amazing, just beautiful fit

woman.And I think in general if you want to have

that really toned body, I mean look at that, sprinters are built perfectly in a way in

terms of . . . and they’re fit, that’s the other thing too.They were made to last for a long period of

time.I saw during this last Olympics some of the

different athletes and some of the sprinters, like Michael Johnson, he still looks good.He still looks really fit.So again, this isn’t just about looking good,

it’s for your long-term health, exercising like a sprinter rather than a marathon runner.Jordan, I saw a comic once and they said,

that the doctor said, “Hey if you want to live a long time exercise an hour a day.”The truth is you can get away with sometimes

with exercising an hour a week, 20 minutes,3 times a week with doing burst training.The great news is, everybody has time for

that.Jordan: They do.Josh: Even if you’re traveling.Jordan: And if you can’t run, you can jog

for your burst and walk.Anybody can do it, anybody can exercise.Josh: Well what do you do for the exercise

if you’ve got bad knees?Here’s what I’d recommend.If you have bad knees you can still do burst

training, number one, in the pool.I love doing swimming workouts and so you

may swim hard to one end, take a breather and rest.Swim to another end.Jordan: Yeah, sorry, sorry.Josh: Jordan showing off his dance moves right

now as well.Jordan: Dancing is good exercise.Josh: Hey, maybe that’s what you’re showing,

yeah.Jordan: Yeah, exactly.Josh: And I was going to say this as well.You can also, even if you have bad knees,

oftentimes cycling can be good.You’re not going to turn it way up to where

it’s really hard to cycle but just gettingon a spin bike and doing very light intervals

where you’re spinning your legs more quickly.So I think a spin bike and I think getting

in the pool, those are great ways to do bursting.So you don’t need to be jumping up and down

and impacting your knees.And in fact, my mom does burst training on

a rebounder, on a mini trampoline.Jordan: I was going to say that.Josh: Very, very effective.Jordan: That’s a great way to do it.And again, if you’ve got knee issues, you

don’t really have to leave the trampoline.Josh: Yeah.Jordan: You can just sort to move up . . . trampoline

training is amazing.In fact, we were driving the other day and

saw one of those trampoline places for the kids.Your digestion is better.Reversing the gravitational pull is very key.So, you can do this principle of training

quickly, effectively, you will look better, support your collagen, it’s a great thing.But here’s the deal.We said, lose weight fast, probably the number

one tip I could give you and I promise you if you will follow this, in three weeks you

could lose as much as 10 pounds.And it is the simplest and most backward according

to the conventional wisdom.Skip breakfast.Josh: Wow.

Jordan: I know what you heard from Bill Cosby and everyone else growing up.Breakfast is the . . .

Josh: Most important meal of the day.Jordan: What if I told you it was the least?What if I told you that breakfast could be

eaten at noon?I know Denny’s says that, eat breakfast for

breakfast, lunch, and dinner.Breakfast means what?Breakfast.The bottom line is we eat too long.We wake up at 6, we have the wrong thing,

then we go to sleep at midnight having a the wrong thing.The amount of time in a day from your first

bite to your last, compared to how much yours, is a big ratio we need to look at.So I believe that most people aren’t even

hungry for breakfast.Josh: Oh yeah.Jordan: I sort of have to force myself sometimes.They say you got to have cereal, you got

to have skim milk.That’s diabetes in a bowl right?Guess who developed the “Breakfast is the

most important meal” campaign?Josh: Cereal companies?Jordan: Cereal companies.Folks I’m telling you, and I know what you’re

going to ask.I have blood sugar issues, I need to eat six

times a day, what about throwing the logs on the fire?I don’t know who came up with that but you

want to know how to lose weight.If I were going to be needing to trim down

for some reason.I would skip breakfast, and in fact, I would

make my first meal as late as it can be.Say that you have lunch 12, 1 or 2.Eat for four, or six, or eight hours and then

shut off you’re eating the rest of the time.And while you’re not eating, here’s the great

news, consume broth.Bone broth is one of the best things you can

do during the non-eating time.It’s just about avoiding calories, your guts

going to be better.I promise you if you skip breakfast for three

consecutive weeks, you will be leaner.It works like gravity.And here’s the last thing I’ll say, you could

eat all the same amount of food in a shorter period of time and you’ll still lose weight,

it’s all about hormones.Josh: Yeah Jordan, I remember doing this,

remember years ago when we did the DanielFast together and I believe when I was eating

I ate at noon, three, and six.And I remember losing a lot of weight.Jordan: Yeah, 19 pounds.Josh: Yeah, 19 pounds and went and gained

it back over the next few weeks on purpose because I didn’t need to lose it.Jordan: Yeah.Josh: But just to say, I mean, if you are

a person who is interested in intermittent fasting which is a lot of times what it’s

called.Jordan: Which is definitely a way to do that,

but it’s an easier way.Josh: An easier way, I typically when I’ve done

this.Again, I’ve done three meals a day still,

but I’ve eaten around noon, 3, and 6:00, similar thing.And Jordan I’ve noticed for myself I typically

don’t start getting really hungry until around11:00 anyway.Jordan: Absolutely.Josh: And just hey, during the morning load

up on the water with a little bit of lemon juice during that time.Jordan: Or broth.Josh: Or bone broth during that time.And then eat lunch at noon.Jordan: Especially warm things, teas are great

too.Some of these teas we mentioned or water and

essential oils.Here’s the thing you might be asking also,

I have meetings, I have work, I don’t want to be tired.I did a retrospective study of my own life.How to Lose Body Weight  7 Secrets to Lose Weight Fast.

during my elementary, middle school, and high school days.And what I realized was, that every class

I had before lunch I had the best grades.Josh: Oh wow.

Jordan: And that least behavior problems.Josh: Yeah, that’s true.Jordan: Every class I had after lunch, fell

asleep, literally fell asleep in class.Josh: So true.Jordan: And they were a little lenient back

in the day, no ruler to slap on the desk.But I fell asleep, and what did I eat for

lunch?Bagels and juice boxes and stuff like.Josh: Pizza.Jordan: They were healthy bagels.Josh: Little Debbie’s snack cakes.Jordan: All right, what we’re not going to

mention brands here.I didn’t say Lender’s bagels.Josh: Oh sorry.Okay.

Jordan: But folks, the deal is, if you’refacing a lion out in the wild, which no one

wants to think about that, would you rather face one that’s just eaten or one that has

yet to eat?If you want to go into a meeting sharp, go

into a meeting in a fasted state because your brain will start burning fat and ketones.We hear about that, right?I’m telling you, folks, skip breakfast, after

a few days you’ll be sharp, you’ll be on fire,and guess what when you start to get hungry?Guess what’s happening when you’re fasting?You’re burning body fat.Josh: Burning fat.Jordan: Remember what you said, you had that

question about belly fat?The best way to burn it is to let your body

do the burning.I haven’t eaten anything today.Well I had bone broth, and I had tea like

we talked about.But I’m sort of getting hungry.You’re making me hungry and I’m burning fat,

right now I’m burning fat.Josh: I love it Jordan.One of the things too that . . . I used to

teach a class years ago and it was all about how to transform your body from being a carb

burner into a fat burner.And one of the things they found, jumping

back here to burst training and then combining it with some of these principles.They found with burst training when you are

doing cardiovascular exercise you are burning fat while you’re working out.But your body doesn’t burn fat after you workout.The great thing about burst training is your

body continues to burn fat for the next 36hours.So even while you’re sleeping the following.How to Lose Body Weight  7 Secrets to Lose Weight Fast.night your body is still burning fat.So as Jordan is saying, also in turning your

body into a fat burner, getting more healthy fats like coconut oil in your diet is key.Again, skipping breakfast.So think about that, if you’re getting more

fat in your diet, more protein, and more fiber,your body stops burning all those carbohydrates

or doesn’t have as many to burn.So then it says what’s my next form of fuel?It’s fat, it’s burning it the next night after

burst training and then it’s still burning all the way through breakfast the next

day.Jordan: And here’s another study that shows,

because questions are, “Well, what about my blood sugar?””What about my meetings?”And number three, which is, “How can I exercise

if I haven’t eaten?”Well, guess what?I exercised this morning for two hours when

I include my sauna session, on an empty stomach.There’s research that shows when you exercise

on an empty stomach, you burn more fat because you’re not feeding it with a bunch of carbohydrates.Josh: Yeah.Jordan: It’s really awesome folks, these seven

secrets will get you in the best shape of your life.Josh: Barbara actually asked a question, she

says, “My heart doctor says no coconut oil.”Jordan: Well, if you are going to a cardiologist

who says no coconut oil, they’re probably old school because coconut oil is saturated

fat.There is zero proof by the way, that saturated

fat causes cardiovascular disease and certainly,coconut oil will not raise cholesterol, not

that that causes cardiovascular disease.But I’m not telling you to go to your

doctor, but I would tell you to go online and look up the benefits of coconut oil.There are some great sites, Dr. Ray Peat.So many medical doctors, Mary Enig.She’s a Ph.D. as well.But look up benefits of coconut oil, find

some published research or a medical doctor that recommends it and bring it in to your

doctor.Or find the doctor that will be happy to partner

with you on your journey to health.We are not anti-doctor, but a doctor is not

your boss.They need to be your partner.Josh: I absolutely agree, Jordan.Another comment here from Clarissa.She says, and I love this idea, she says “I

love adding coconut oil to my green juice on a daily basis in the morning.”Just imagine this combo, greens with bone

broth or collagen powder plus coconut oil.Jordan: You know what’s great about coconut

oil or fat in your green juice?Green juice and veggie juice still contains

sugar.Fat and fiber slow it down.When I was in Germany they added cream to

their carrot juice.Not only to aid the absorption of carotenoids,

slow the absorption of sugars, that’s a great tip.Josh: All right.A few other questions and comments here, and

Ruthie says, this is hilarious to me.”Dr. Axe, who’s the guy next to you?”Jordan: Yeah, he doesn’t usually give me a

proper introduction.I’m just the guy here.I’m like the Jim to your Marlin Perkins.Josh: So guys, this Jordan Rubin.Jordan is the author of “The Makers Diet,”

he’s the founder, former founder of Garden of Life and now has a lot of new brands out.Jordan: I’m the responsible for everything

that he is today, that’s good.Josh: Yeah.Jordan: Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Axe, I mean other

than the parental stuff.Josh: So Jordan’s been a great friend of mine

for years and he is really, I believe he’s probably the best supplement formulator in

the world.In fact, when I personally take vitamins and

supplements they’re either ones that I’ve created, he’s created or we’ve co-created.So, really, really talented there.So again, Jordan Rubin.But check out his book, “The Makers Diet,”

and some of his new supplement brands likeAncient Nutrition, NUMA, and some of the others

there as well.Some people had some questions and wanted

to check some stuff out here, so we talked about some of the best herbs here so you guys.How to Lose Body Weight  7 Secrets to Lose Weight Fast.

can see this.Jordan, let’s see here, another question for

you.Let’s see here.Somebody says, “Jordan, are you still with

Garden of Life?”Jordan: That’s a great question and I have

left Garden of Life, it’s a company that I founded, my baby, and Garden of Life is now

owned by another group and I am doing some really great things as Josh mentioned.I started a company called Get Real Nutrition.Josh and I started two companies together,

Ancient Nutrition and NUMA, and then we’re also partnering on all of this great content.In fact, we have a brand new book coming out

before the end of the year that you’re going to want to check out called “Essential Oils,

Ancient Medicine for the Modern World.”And it’ll span a whole book series.We’ve got a lot of cooking.But Josh and I are going to be doing a lot

of things together in the future, so look out for that.Josh: A question here, “What are your thoughts

on maca root?”Jordan: That’s a great question.I think maca is good.Maca is really a cruciferous vegetable.It’s a root, it’s got glucosinolates, indole-3-carbinol,

it’s really good.I do not believe, it’s a miracle for weight.How to Lose Body Weight  7 Secrets to Lose Weight Fast.

loss as some people say.But it’s a very good food, it is.Josh: Yeah, I sometimes will a tablespoon

to my smoothie on a regular basis if I’m doing superfood smoothie, and it does have some

benefits as an adaptogen and it’s sometimes known as, I think it’s actual meaning is strength

to the stallion and it’s an Aztec language.Jordan: Or like a female ginseng, is what

people call it.Josh: Yeah.Jordan: It’s a borderline adaptogen.Josh: Absolutely.And then someone says, “Jordan can you explain

ketones to me or what are your thoughts on ketosis and the ketogenic diet for fat loss?”Jordan: Absolutely.I think if you go on a ketogenic diet it can

be really, really good.Now, I don’t know about you, but it’s difficult

for me to stick to.I, like everyone, I love fruit, I love sweets,

and so for me I get the same results by eating healthy and balanced diet in a short period

of time.So for me, intermittent fasting is the same

results as ketogenic.Ketogenic is hard for me to stick with and

a lot of people practice a ketogenic diet where they’re eating bacon and a lot of things

that I don’t believe are healthy.However, if you can do it, if you can keep

your carbs lower than 20 grams a day.I don’t like you to eat artificial sweeteners

or sugar alcohols, but if you can do it, tiny amount of veggies, lots of meat, lots of fat,

I think it can be really, really good for you.I think a ketogenic, if you’ve got brain stuff,

if you have gut stuff, if you want to burn fat, a ketogenic diet can be great.But all of these secrets I think can get you

the same or better results.Josh: All right.Somebody asked, “Can you guys do a quick review

of everything you just covered in one minute?”Jordan: Okay, we’re used to doing things in

one . . . I’m going to take this side.Josh: All right.Jordan: If you want to lose weight quick drink

8 ounces of water every time you reach for the pantry or the fridge, that’s the water

cure.The herbs, hot peppers for thermogenesis.They help you burn fat.Cinnamon for blood sugar.Holy basil is a good adaptogen.And ashwagandha helps reduce cortisol levels.Essential oils, the Dr. Axe big three, cinnamon,

grapefruit, and number three is ginger.Two drops in liquid, two to three times a

day or mix it in coconut oil, eat it off the spoon.And coconut oil two to four tablespoons a

day, cook with it and put it in smoothies,rub it on your face, take a bath in it.Coconut oil is really good for your thyroid

and lots of other things too.You got 30 seconds left.Josh: All right.Here we go.So we know collagen protein is great for tightening

up and firming your skin in your tissue.So it’s great for that.It’s also very high in protein.In fact, one big scoop of a bone broth powder

or collagen powder could have 20 grams of protein.It’s by far in my mind the best form of protein

or amino acids to lose weight and build health and your body.Burst training exercise, it’s exercising like

a sprinter rather than a marathon runner so when you go to the gym now, rather than getting

on the treadmill going for long periods of time, do 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds easy,

but workout like a sprinter.And last but not least, we talked about intermittent

fasting.So skipping breakfast, eating meals at 12,

3, and 6.So again, taking about that 4 hours off in

the morning.What’s going to happen is your body is going

to continue to burn fat in the morning.It’s going to help you lose weight really,

really fast.Jordan: All right.That was 63 seconds.I counted it.Josh: Wow, that’s pretty good.All right.Let’s see here, one more question here, “Jordan,

what are your thoughts or what are our thoughts on doing a macrobiotic diet?”Jordan: I have tried a macrobiotic diet over

the years and it doesn’t agree with me.I’m not really a grain tolerant person.So I do consume some grains but I have not

found the macrobiotic system to work for me and it has fallen way out of favor.When my dad was in naturopathic and chiropractic

school, macrobiotic was popular.Now there’s some good elements to it, some

fermented foods, umeboshi plums, etcetera,but I am not a fan of the macrobiotic way

of eating.Josh: Yeah I agree.A lot of people are actually asking questions

now.They said, “Does grapefruit affect your medications.”Jordan eluded to this earlier, you do want

to be sensitive if you’re doing grapefruit oil or eating grapefruit because it actually

does affect your detoxification channel.So if you’re on a prescription medication

you want to be cautious or talk to your doctor or not take grapefruit around the times you’re

taking medication.Jordan: Look for drug interactions of grapefruit

online, it’s very popular.And by the way, while Josh is looking all

of this information, there are articles that talk about collagen, burst

exercise, intermittent fasting, essential oils, herbs, water, everything else.So after this program, you can dive deeper

into all these topics.How to Lose Body Weight  7 Secrets to Lose Weight Fast.

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