How Do I Lose 10 Pounds in a week

How Do I Lose 10 Pounds in a week
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Finally, how to lose 10 pounds of fat in a Week


Save very fat friends all know, there is a lot of time, our weight loss program destroyed in the last 10 pounds of fat.


Sometimes because more and more people say: ‘Wow, you are very thin, United States (beautiful) and more!’ – Your own decency gradually lost strength and desire to retain


Sometimes, how will your weight not fall, and gradually, I was disappointed.


Although the nine girls have always stressed that the weight is not a king, the size is king. But if you tweak the palate, there is a lump of fat, you can still attempt to make yourself more complete.


Today we will talk about how to lose fat that last 10 pounds.


In principle, to reduce 30 pounds more than the last 10 pounds of fat should be the beginning of hard because your metabolic rate will decrease along with your weight loss, the heat consumption consumes per minute will be reduced. Scientists had a study outside of their body weight every 1 pound (about 0.9 pounds), their basal metabolic rate will leave 20 kcal/day.


For Chestnut:

The 3 Week Diet


Red basically weighs 120 pounds, then Gunjan Gunjan Rip Rip has lost 20 pounds, leaving its basal metabolic rate 20×20 / 0.9 = 444 calories. This is the reason that after weight loss, its daily calorie body needs less than 444 kg of calories.


Apart from this, with the decrease in body weight, it can also reduce the movement that can consume calories. 120 pounds when he was running for an hour could consume 500 calories, but 90 pounds when one hour is running at the same speed, he can only consume 375 calories a day.


So …… weight loss will be more and more slowly.


How would you do


1, try high-intensity interval training


Your body can adapt the intensity and frequency of the original aerobic exercise, you can try high-intensity interval training.


Scientists have been studying before a 4-minute high-intensity interval training is doing aerobic exercise, aerobic, fat burning capacity can be increased by 66% in the next stage.


In daily aerobic exercise, such as fast walking, jogging, you can also add spray races for every minute to add 30-60 seconds for a few minutes, effectively reducing heat consumption as flexible Tips, applications can apply.


2, will be for a multi-station


On the basis of the original living, you did more than one hour of time by the scientists, on the contrary, the average fat compared to the thin paper is usually more than two hours per day, which is to stand for consumption of 300 calories less Will have to fight for every day. So you sit / just wait while waiting in the hospital to stop it, to prevent more, Metro to stop it.


P.S. The crowded metro every time, to sit in place, when nine girls to stand up, you feel proud that I am only in a crowded metro, I really lose weight ……


3, lifting iron (electricity)


There is a celebrity (nine girls I), said, you want a good body, we should give iron (dumbbell strength training, etc.). Aerobic exercises can continue to burn fat, but there is no longer a rise in metabolic rate. Power exercises, although not for a long time to increase heart rate, but so much that the metabolic rate has improved it increases the overall muscle, people can burn more calories in the rest. It is estimated that an additional 0.5 kg of muscle, the body can consume more than 50 in a day, that is 100 kg of calories.


If heavy muscle lactic acid is produced for iron burden and other substances are stored in the muscle, then to stimulate brain muscle formation. Weight lifting or dumbbell will receive this instruction, secretion of growth hormone, and other muscles can not move secretion secretion 200 times increase hormone, in addition to generation boost muscle growth hormone, while encouraging the formation of bone and skin metabolism Can, but it can also break down the fat. Fat breaks will be taken out of fat cells in the blood, easily become used to an energy source. After this condition the motion growth will continue to be stopped after the secretion of the hormone.


Some scientists have asked for a group of people exercising three times a week, 25 minutes for a practice, but a very special form of this exercise is a slow minute power training + aerobic exercise a minute turn, after 12 weeks, These people have a low waist circumference 4% oh


So, once a pair of beautiful small dumbbells, only three times a week for 10 minutes, buying a little hard to practice it together.


4, to eat fruit before a meal


Researchers at Binxiniya University in the US, in the first 15 minutes of eating people eat an apple, and they organise experiments to eat when you can reduce the number of calories of 187 kilocalories.


Of course, if you do not like to eat apples effectively eat the dinner ring, do not like to eat apples, you can change other fruits or vegetables, or other low-calorie high satiety foods. For the first time fill a filled belly.


5, cautious people hate weekend love


For dieters, nif at the end of the week Love to love According to the statistics of the scientists, the average person on the weekends, 420 eat more calories than usual, you do not have to collect fruits, milk at home, what to do, any snack products out!


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