How weight girls to lose 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 years

How weight girls to lose 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 years
The 2 Week Diet

How weight girls to lose 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 years

The 3 Week Diet


How huge, Unfortunately, obesity only adults but also children do not affect the 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14-year-weight girls to

How to lose weight girls 14 years of age to 10? To lose.There is a serious problem that children and adolescents are suffering from obesity can provoke serious diseases (for example, other types of diabetes ).We talk about girls, they are always in the first place With every age, for every fair sex, obese sufferers suffer a lot heavier than boys. This is the answer to many parents carefully answering the question. New’re seeing is for this reason: “How the school to lose to a girl’s age?”. Before you start the process to lose weight


The main causes and their daughter overweight, then childhood obesity

The consequences of, then, you have to find out the causes of the disease. To do this, you need to visit some medical professionals who conduct a complete examination for your child. Only the above problems have the doctor’s head instigator prescribe an effective treatment after determining


Of obesity in childhood.

It is believed to be the main provocation:


Sedentary lifestyle;

Unhealthy diet;

Metabolic disorders;

Genetic disturbances;

The lifestyle of today’s youth;

Physical characteristics of the organism;


Hormonal background;


There is a violation.

Childhood obesity can have the following consequences:


Renal failure;

Back problems; In the future


Varicose veins;

Adult disease (heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, arthritis and other diseases of the joints).


How to lose a girl in 10 years? Weight choosing a method for reducing a girl 10 years

Many parents forget to make preparations for his daughter’s body overhang puberty age Kikdoctoron carrying out for 10 years in the close medical supervision to improve weight girls to help avoid serious consequences be advised.


One of the most effective methods to reduce weight 10 years of a child is a combination of an active lifestyle and proper nutrition. Aerobics, Gymnastics and Dancing: For girls who are obese, it is considered to be the most optimal classes. such conducting an active life very difficult for my daughter beautiful and slender body, but found not only without the stress of adapting to the modern world Jaagakskuli children and Ksit to when it comes to 10-year-old girls, especially when the girl’s weight


Diet to reduce charges to 10 years what


. Nutritionists argue that with the help of certain foods and “healthy” options, they get rid of the many unwanted kilogrammes that are extinguished. Fresh diet meat (rabbit, chicken, veal, turkey) –

A variety of sauces, cold cuts and semi-finished products:

Products and prohibited their “useful” alternative.

Fried dishes (burgers, chops, potatoes, eggs, toast, etc.) – boiled baked foods and banged back.

Food Fast Food – Homemade sandwich with the boiled plaque of poultry and vegetables.

Ketchup, mayonnaise and sauce – Natural curd with herbs.No juice, fruit drinks and fruit drinks with added sugar –

Sweet drinks.

Confectionery – Dried fruits, dark chocolate, nuts and honey.

How to lose a girl of 11 years?

In order to give the correct answer to the question, “How to reduce a woman to 11 years” you will have to undergo an intensive medical examination. After establishing you, the main reason for obesity has already started the process of reducing weight. The main methods of struggle with girls weighing more than 11 years of age are exercising and dieting. We talk about exercises that it adversely affects health. As could Finance


They should not be too fast. In the form of food, it is entitled only to appoint qualified endocrinologist or paediatrician. If your child suffers from obesity then the 11-year-old woman




The sample menu diet, recommended to “sit” on the doctor’s diet, the following example diet menu for the 11 year old girl is one of the most effective.

Breakfast: milk buckwheat.

Lunch: Beetroot patties, boiled, and apple marmalade.

Lunch: Soup with boiled potatoes, vegetable stew, lean meat and mustard bread.

Dinner: Fresh vegetable salad and fruit jelly

How to lose a 12-year-old woman? If you are worried about the question, then

: “How to reduce a woman to 12 years?”, Then have the following tips and advice for you.


To make your child drink plenty of clean water: Make sure to lose weight, for the 12-year-old girl’s parents

some rules.


Breakfast should be “healthy” (fruit, vegetables, curd, etc.).

Dinner should be done for four hours before sleeping. On some sports circles

Record girl (athletics, dance, basketball, swimming, and so on.)

Be sure to have your daughter sleep for at least eight hours per day.

Use during the meal the water is strictly prohibited.

Do not vote for your child to eat or watch while watching TV.

How to lose to a 13 year old girl? You are looking for answers to a question

How to lose a girl of 13 years? “How to reduce a woman to 13 years?”, Then you need to make changes in daily diet first

You can prepare your children’s fat cheesecakes for fat-free yogurt and make oranges and apple cocktails. For food eaters, this meat, fish and vegetables soup, stew, vegetables, boiled The best time to eat or eat baked fish and fresh vegetable salad is the best time. Dahi, curd, paneer, apple, banana and the like -dinner should be very easy.We are the best-suited nut and fruit of girls at the age of 13 , one Talk about Tne Hankwyayam to lose to a girl child Chania. be present in the life of 14 years? We have to consider the question of how to lose a girl of 14 years, the answer in a child like any case for the past tend to have a negative impact on health, which does not allow a strict starvation diet regime as the food, it (spicy roast except for Ua, smoke, and salty foods) diet to be a source of Lia.skti and health to eat before going to contraindicated bed of Chania.skti – movement than Kyonkibhojn, also Chania.dyan focus on physical activity follow these tips, such as obesity issues can be overcome with time, but it has a lot of patience, and need plenty of willpower weight girls 10, 11, 12, 13 and how to reduce the 14-year-old – 5 of 4.1 based on 21 voices

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