Eternal Weight Loss, Question of: Diet or Exercise?

Eternal Weight Loss Question of Diet or Exercise
The 2 Week Diet

What is more important when it comes to losing weight, diet or exercise? Let’s take a look at common sense in the most frequently asked question about weight loss.

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Dieting makes a critical difference in weight loss

Eternal Weight Loss, Question of Diet or Exercise


There is a lot to be said about the theory behind the diet, simply by restricting calories, losing weight. It’s a matter of math. Cut 3500 calories, lose one pound of fat. (Or cut 7700 kcal, lose a kilo of fat, for those who prefer the metric system.) The principle is very simple, the calorie count is not real.

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Let’s say you weigh 220 pounds. You have a special penchant for French fries. You can not eat only one, you always eat the whole bag of chips, the 1400 calories. Keep in mind that you must do something to burn those calories, or else you will accumulate them.


Since you weigh 220 pounds / 100 kilos, you are not going to do a high-intensity workout, but slow workouts also burn fat, right? You just have to exert enough time to burn those tasty fries that you like to eat.

Eternal Weight Loss, Question of: Diet or Exercise?


How long does it take for a person weighing 220 pounds to burn 1400 calories at a leisurely pace on an elliptical machine? Calorie meters on elliptical machines are notoriously unreliable. How to set the tension in the machine makes a big difference, just as if you do interval training, small moments of intense physical activity in the middle of a longer routine. However, if you weigh 220 pounds / 100 kilos, you can burn 1400 calories in two hours or less, even if you work very slowly.

Eternal Weight Loss, Question of: Diet or Exercise?


That’s two hours of exercise every time you eat a bag of chips, or two pieces of pie, or four pieces of fried chicken, without rewarding yourself with even more food after doing the workout, and continuing to complete the exercise routine. If you like to eat, you need to exercise several hours a day to lose weight. But let’s assume you’re really disciplined.


We need to eat fewer calories to lose weight, but how do we actually know the calories from food?


Suppose you are a disciplined diet person who is not going to eat a pie or an entire bag of chips or a fried chicken cube with chips. You know you’re eating too much, but do you know how calories can be counted?

Eternal Weight Loss, Question of: Diet or Exercise?


Counting calories involves websites, databases, manuals and math, even weighing your food. Just taking a look at what you eat does not work well. You need to use measuring cups and scales to know how much food you are actually eating. Once you take the food, you need to look for the calorie content and do the calculations that indicate the number of calories you have ingested.


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