Easily Reduce your Weight from These Home Remedies

Easily Reduce your Weight from These Home Remedies
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Easily reduce your weight from these home remedies


Everyone wants to have a thin appearance. Therefore, various measures are taken to reduce weight, some go to the gym, then one begins to do some dieting, so some people start taking the vow. But if you really want to lose weight, then you need to take some workable tips for it. There are some home remedies that you can lose weight by adopting. Let us tell you about some such home remedies –


Cranberry juice

Karounde juice is also very beneficial in weight loss. Karonda is a great source of vitamin C and it is also a good antioxidant. This makes the body’s metabolism fine and ease in fat.

Green tea rich in antioxidants

Green tea is very beneficial for those who want to lose weight. Green tea is a very good antioxidant, thereby reducing fat. If you take it every day, then your weight loss can definitely be seen. According to researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center, there are special types of polyphenols found in Green Tea, which helps in burning fat in the body.


Obesity control with water

The body needs plenty of water to do its job properly. It also keeps your body healthy and drinking water also controls obesity. Drink hot water every time after eating food. From this, the digestive system works properly and the excess weight in the body is low

Apple vinegar

With the help of apple vinegar, weight can be easily reduced. Due to the control of blood glucose from vinegar, it is helpful in reducing weight because insulin is not able to accumulate free sugar in the form of fat. Mix apple vinegar with water and take it every morning.


Leaf cabbage is a special vegetable but it can also be used to reduce weight. A cup cooked cabbage contains only 33 calories, which does not allow weight gain. Cabbage soup reduces the amount of fat but gives energy to the body.


By adopting all these home remedies, you can reduce your growing weight easily and without any side effects.



Decrease the Fat Burning Green Smoothie


It is everyone who wants to control the weight of the body. What do people do not do remedies to remove body fat? All types of prescriptions are adopted but do they get results, no? So now there is no need to sweat in the gym hours to get chhaira kaya and neither need to go to any nutrition. Today we are telling you about such green smoothies that you can easily make and drink at home. It will not take much time for you to make it. Making it is a children’s game.


  1. Pear
  2. Green capsicum
  3. Chopped cucumber
  4. Spinach leaves
  5. Ripe avocado
  6. Almond milk
  7. protein powder
  8. Ginger, worn out
  9. Lemon juice



First of all, you cut a pear into small pieces. Take two teaspoons chopped capsicum, besides a quarter cup of chopped cucumber. Along with this, you have to take small cups of a cup spinach. Also, cut off the cooked avocado. Take a spoonful of ginger and one spoon lemon juice, one teaspoon protein powder and vanilla flavour almond milk together. Mix this ingredient in the blender and mix it well. And enjoy this green smoothie.



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