How can women lose weight – How to lose weight 5 kg in 15 days

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How to lose weight 5 kg in 15 days.

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Are you going to join a special event for which you want to look great .. But when you wear clothes you find that if your body was somewhat thinner than these clothes! Now you want to lose weight fast but you do not have as much time to do as you work for it and lose weight by eating salad. But you do not have to worry! Read this article in some ways that you can reduce your weight soon.

Make an exercise plan:

Losing weight means that you have to use more calories than the calories you take in your day-to-day meal. Reducing 5 pounds (approximately 2.50 kg) a week means you have to burn 17,500 calories.

safe methods, lose weight fast (for teenage girls)

Combination of cardio and resistance training (weight training, weightlifting) works faster in weight than any one activity. But if you have to choose one of these, then remember that people who practice cardio only lose their weight faster, rather than those who practice resistance only.
Think about the practice of high intensity interval training or HIIT. You can do this when you have to choose one of the hard work or general exercises. For example, you have a 60-second walk along a fast race of 30 seconds. This reduces the amount of work done to complete your exercise and also causes your fat to burn in excess, even if you believe or not. Apart from this, when you are relaxing on the couch, your chapatai rate remains high at that time and you will be able to burn your calories in 24 hours.
HIIT is best for people with a busy routine – it takes only 15 minutes to practice. But, take care of the initial light workout and rest after that!

Yoga practice.


One of the main reasons for eating more food is stress. 60-minute yogasan (“relaxing” in your living room during “your favorite TV show”) burns 180-360 calories – not only, studies done in this regard show that there are many benefits from Yoga.

Physical and mental stress reduction
Increased physical awareness (especially hunger and saturation)
Eating consciously.

Take it as entertainment:

Changing your routine will keep you satisfied and keep you fit to work.

Upon change in your routine, it helps to keep you motivated towards work, which is a key factor in success.
Make the social program an opportunity to burn calories. Avoid watching movies at that time in golf, tennis or swimming.

Look for small opportunities. No activity can be exercised with proper mentality.

To climb up a building, use the stairs instead of the elevator.
Make a habit of keeping a little weight with you while sitting or walking.
Except exercise, do small things like gardening, wash your car and stay active!

Stay tuned in this task: you will not see results immediately. So keep patience.

Since your body soon becomes the norm of normal exercise, so increase your limits of exercise, and challenge yourself.
Exercise only as much as your body can do. If you feel like cholor or unconsciousness, stop exercising immediately.

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