Best way to Fast For Weight Loss | Proper Diet for Weight Loss

best way to fast for weight loss
best way to fast for weight loss
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Proper diet for weight loss: How to choose?Best way to Fast For Weight Loss

At present, the problem of weight loss is very important.This is not a surprise. In a frantic pace of modern life, not everyone has the time to lose daily weight and diet, tips, techniques and healthy pitch.Suschestvuet large number of exercises to count calorie cooking.

Proper Diet for Weight Loss
Proper Diet for Weight Loss


Final and firm Decision:


There are two basic rules for effective weight loss. Have you decided that you need to lose weight effectively, do not give reasons to knock yourself out of the right way! This is a small cookie or a piece of cake You can eat that special truth of your own persuasion.In addition, do not forget the good mood.

Weight loss Tips Decrease your weight with Amazing Foods


Need to gently drop more weight. One focuses on the method where you have thrown off 1 kg per week, and no more! So if you have patience, and in a month you will be more than 3 This fact needs to be adjusted that 4k will be discharged. For those people who want to reduce the most reliable method

Some suggestions: after 6 hours


, Did not eat dinner.


It is necessary to sleep before drinking 1 tablespoon of gold. Nonfat yogurt

Day, pure water

Drink more than 1.5 litres of semolina. Dedicated to taking off his body or

Sleep giving at least 7 hours per day One day meal

Only a week’s natural products to sit on

Prepare fresh meals from day one. Then your metabolism normal

1 or 2 times in a month only to drink pure water that one day starts

More plant foodstuffs and fresh

Eat sugar, flour and fats that reduce the consumption of food for zero. These fasting days are useful, T. for. An active lifestyle to provide more encouragement to choose a star with a beautiful girl or the perfect figure

Keep body

Enable to withdraw toxic substances, and the most prominent


Reduce its picture on the correct combination

Diet with exercise for proper diet – It is a diet that is low in healthy calories in calories. Because of you fat is losing weight, and not at the cost of muscle mass. Your body fat


To have left, a diet will not help you. We need to perform an active exercise to lose weight.


On the basis of your preferences and health, select the most optimal level of intensity and load for yourself. The right combination of exercise with the appropriate nutrition gives a surprising effect!


Personal Weight Loss Program: Each person’s body is unique in its own way

Therefore, each of its slimming programs should be selected. How to make a weight loss plan or personal weight loss program?


We need to find the optimum weight for our height. Then you calculate how much you want to get rid of excess weight, taking into account the fact that you do not exceed 1 kg every week more than it. Calculations will take time.


Do not trust the lazy calories daily rate. It should not be more than 1200 calories per day. However, less is also not necessary – there is a shortage of calories as harmful to the body, as well as their abundance.


Find the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that are necessary for the right amount and proper nutrition.


To make a menu for the week/month, based on the list of the right foods and their calorific ingredients, it will be difficult to start. But eventually you will be able to know the calories of the table, and calories count. You can start doing simple exercises to lose weight,


When one week will be half of good nutrition and the body gets used to it.


Proper Nutrition for Weight Loss: Basic Principles

Contains large amounts of trace elements, which fully nutritious and delicious breakfast, able to meet the human body for the day it will be less deeply wrong, your calorie intake, it is thought that breakfast having Logkachchha breakfast refusal – good physical and emotional than eat those Sthitikpuri is fed in the morning and less inclined to snack between meals and food night  loss


Proper nutrition for breakfast choices


Menu: Fresh salad

200 grammes, a small piece of lean meat, a small plate of boiled rice without oil and spices, a piece of lemon, a cup of tea with 1 fruit.

Chicken fillet with boiled potatoes, beans, cottage cheese, a piece of lemon, green tea cup with a small piece of fruit.

Fresh salad is beaten by 2 eggs, omelette, one cup of tea from herbs, 1 chopped fruit.

Breakfast options: crazy

Small part of a jambu or apple 1


Dining options:

2 slices of bread, lean fish, a plate of salad, a piece of pure water with lemon. Brown rice porridge, vegetables, 1 tablespoon, raw or stewed

Small piece. Shrink mint tea, a small piece of fruit.Bully meat or fish, fresh vegetables and herbs, a salad of pure water with lemon



1 tablespoon. Little greasy card.

Dining options: Wheat flour, boiled vegetables, 1 tablespoon of bread

1 piece. Pure water with lemon.

Paneer, low fat, 1 fruit, 150 grammes of 1 large spoon. Coriander water.

Boiled lean fish, salad greens, a wholemeal toast of bread, 1 tbsp. Water with lemon.

There is no hope of rapid change in their weight, start to eat properly, disciplined and be patient.Already addicted to proper diet, you can only do 4 months. To reduce weight

Proper diet: Recommendations in strict compliance with this diet

, You can throw up to 7 kg per month.The basic rules of food:

The food should be at the same time.

30 minutes before a meal drink 1 tablespoon

.Pure water.

Go to vitamins, and you have reduced haemoglobin, then the drug is fermented. The food should be included in your diet

  • List:
  • Low fat
  • Boiled eggs
  • Chapatti
  • Gas with fresh vegetable food
  • Fresh juice

Paneer without minerals and pure water (except potatoes)

Meat or chicken

Canned vegetables (allowed only a small amount of lean baked)

Restricted Products:

Butter, vegetable, olive oil and others


Flour & Sweet Products

The dishes are in contact with the skin, and the percentage of fat is reduced to more than 1,5%

Is the proper diet


Dairy products smoked: some menus


1 egg, cooked, boiled

100 grammes low-fat paneer

5-6 pcs. Refresh fresh, tea or coffee

Lunch figs



any form

1 small fruit

1 tablespoon lean meat or chicken

Vegetables are cooked. Fresh juice

Dinner: Any form

Rice or cereal porridge

100 grammes low-fat paneer

1 apples or pears

In 1 tbsp

Vegetables. Juice

How to choose a diet?

The best way to choose the right diet is to select different food and drinks. Remember that you should not go out of your diet that is fully useful vitamins and minerals. Protein, fat and carbohydrate Pay attention to their consumption. Check their relationship to help the body in order to lose weight automatically. Check the table of calories, vitamins and minerals.

See also: a separate food

Dry diet

90 days Diet: Recommend players!

To properly show your weight less perseverance and to create a menu for one week, one month, and to follow it.

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