Best Method to Lose Weight Fast and Easy I No Exercise I Healthy Diet I 2017

Best Method to Lose Weight Fast and Easy I No Exercise I Healthy Diet I 2017
Best Method to Lose Weight Fast and Easy I No Exercise I Healthy Diet I 2017
The 2 Week Diet

Today I want to talk to you about Best Method to Lose Weight Fast and Easy breast  I lost 21 inches and 20 pounds only four weeks.Okay so Hi everyone, I’m going to give you

a little bit of background on me. I’m a writer, blogger and diet guinea pig, I suppose. I

love everything self-help and beauty so you’ll be seeing a lot more of those kinds of videos.

That is if you subscribe. Subscribe. Subscribe.I’m on my own weight loss journey of losing.

Homoeopathy Cure for Weight Loss

120 pounds in one year. I’ve got an ebook out that’s basically telling you these ten

steps what I’m going to tell you in a minute.But it’s got a lot more in depth information

– my weight loss is broken down in inches every week and my food diary and everything I’ve

eaten is in there. A little more information about me. So if you want to go and get that,

my link is there, let’s say there – there’s the link and it’s in the description below.Okay so step one. You’re going to throw out

your scales. Throw it out. Actually, don’tthrow it out, you’ll need it again in four

weeks. so Just don’t do that. The first thing you want to do is weigh yourself if you don’t

know what you weigh and then keep them away from you for four weeks, I’m not kidding.

The only way you’re going to measure your body changing is by tape measure. You’re going

to measure your waist, hips and bust. Isn’t it weird, if you like look at that picture

it’s – you’re actually measuring your arse really, your arse and your legs. I did not

know that. That was an eye opener when I started to measure myself. I thought I was

actually doing quite well until I added like three, four inches because I’ve got a big

ass. Anyway, a vendetta against my own bum. So why are you measuring yourself with a tape

measure, well, I’ve had eating disorders on both ends of the scale, I think at my lowest

weight I was seven stone eight when i was17 and it was not good, I got myself into

a whole heap of trouble. I was barely beating and I think it had a lot to do with the number

on the scale. You start getting a fixated on the number and then suddenly you’re missing

snacks, then it becomes you’re missing dinners and teas just to get that number down the

next day. It’s not good. So with just measuring your waist, bust and hips with a tape measure

there’s too many numbers to remember so you’re just not bothered. You haven’t got this single

number, you’re not concentrating on it. Get yourself measured by someone you know, you

trust, family member or friend and treat it like weight watchers weigh in, but it’s

not a weigh in because you’re not using the scale. Please don’t use the scale.Step two. It’s like hand puppets. Step two

– find a routine. This is real important to me because I’m a routine junkie, like everything

I do has to be timed and it helps me keep track of the things I’ve got to do in the

day. I’ve actually got my routine like, printed out, big nerd. If you don’t want to print

yours out, that’s fine. Just write it down.But you need a routine. My routine involves

stuff that I do to my hair and skin care andI make sure I drink the water that I need

to and green tea and stuff like that. When you get down to the weight you want to be,

you don’t want a bad skin or not white teeth at the end of it do ya? No. Well, I don’t.

I have bad skin. I don’t know, I talk with my hands. Let’s move on shall we?Step three. Pick a celebrity. Now, this is

important. Think I just said that on the last step but this is important because you are

literally measuring your success. So you’re going to need to pick a celebrity and you

want goals. So pick a celebrity that’s your body type and especially your height. With

me, I chose Emilia Clarke, because she’s got my body type and I’m quite petite and athletic

looking. I’m not going to pick Blake Lively, who’s enviably tall, like a giraffe, when

I’m like a hobbit size, so just know the yourbody type and get their measurements off google.

Waist, bust and hips. Those are your targets, so that’s what you got to do.Step four. Ditch the carbs. I know, I’m sorry,

you thought it was going to be a video where you can eat pies and ice cream. Unfortunately

it’s not. I ditched the carbs. It’s the easiest way I know how to lose weight. It gives you

a lovely weight loss kick and it just ground you for the whole weight loss journey really,

it’s only for the first month that I’m doing it. I mix it up every single month with either

exercise or different foods and different diets because one, I just get bored and I’m

on this for the long haul. Like I said, I have to lose 120 pounds, and I’ve only lost

twenty pounds. So I’ve got a hundred to go.I don’t know why I just told you that, I’m

pretty sure you can do the math yourself.But yeah I ditched the carbs, I kept down

to 30 grams a day, just so you know, on the nutritional information – so take a bag of

crisp, I think there are about 12 grams of carbs,so you go down and you see carbs and say it’s

got like 12 grams and then you go down and spot the fibre and I think there’s like 1.5

or 1 gramme of fibre. Then you subtract the fibre from the carbs and that will give you

your net carbs. Things I ate, there were – lots of meets, my favourite meal was steak and

stuffed mushroom. You’re allowed bacon and eggs and sausage. Although some sausage has

carbs, so you better watch it. But if you go and buy my ebook, I think it’s £1.99 on

Amazon, it’s got a food diary list, it documents everything I ate, if I had a cheat day or

if I drank alcohol. Just keep to 30 gramsof carbs a day. That’s how I did it.Step five. Find a treat you like and for me

it was an Atkins bar. They aren’t that expensive and i think on amazon they’re like a quid,

fifty. Or a quid a bar. Something like that.I had two bars a week. On my Friday and on

my Saturday. So they’re quite big as well, this big. And they’re about 2 grammes, maybe

3 net carbs. They’re really really tasty, I had the fudge caramel and they are stunning.

I just had eight of those for the whole four weeks. I mean it’s not long, this process

isn’t long, it’s only four weeks. So yeah just find yourself a treat that you like.Step six. I did not exercise for the 28 days.

Now I bet you’re going hooray, well it is hooray, now, there are three reasons why I didn’t

exercise. One – because you lose weight anyway, there’s a lot of water weight at the beginning.

Two – You feel like crap. We call it the low carb flu. there’s like four or five days

when you just think – I really don’t wantto do this. It’s not for me. But it does pass

and it’s only for about five days and your body starts getting really energetic actually.

The third reason for no exercise, I started at 249 pounds so I think it’s like 17 stone

8, yikes. I have frequent heart palpitations.I didn’t want to exercise, I didn’t feel comfortable

exercising at the weight I was. I preferred to get some weight off first before I started

exercising and that’s exactly what I did.Step seven. Pick a day for results. Now, You

have to measure yourself every single week, it’s just like getting on the scale. Like

you would and weigh yourself. You need to pick a family member or friend who you trust

with your measurements and just get it done.Now I measure myself on the Saturday morning,

because my going out the night is usually on theFriday, so having myself measured on Saturday,

kind of makes me good on a Friday night I’ll stay in or maybe just not drink as

much as I normally would. So just pick dayfor results and get it done.Step eight. I’m taking supplements. Now before

I list the things I take, I want to make sure even though I’m describing herbal things,

what works for my body might not work for your body. So all I can do is tell you what

works and see if it works for you. So the first thing I take is a magnesium tablet.

Especially on low carb, that low carbs fluI was talking about, the magnesium tablet

makes you feel a lot better. If you’ve got headaches or you can’t sleep, magnesium tablet

a day will work a treat. Number 2 – I take a multivitamin each day, again it just makes

you feel a bit better when the carb flu hits.Number 3 – I take water retention tablets

and that’s literally because I kind of like feeling a bit skinnier when I’ve eaten,

it just makes you feel better. So I take water retention tablets as well.Step nine. Don’t eat after 7 pm. I’m sure you’ve

heard this before. If you don’t eat from 7pmit causes kind of symptoms of a fast, it gives

your body time to detox, burn fat and rest.Step ten. Yey! It’s a good step as well. Are

you ready? I drink alcohol. Yeah. I lost 20pounds and 21 inches and I drank alcohol.

I’m 27 years old and with that comes one hell of a social life and I’m not willing to relax

on it either, I went out twice. So I made a pact with myself that I would go out once

every two weeks. The only thing I didn’t do was I didn’t limit myself. I got drunk, and

I’m not ashamed to say it. I got drunk both times. I stuck to whisky and soda which is

my favourite and vodka soda. And it didn’t affect my weight loss results at all.And here are some before and after photos

so you can get more of an idea of what 20pounds, 21 inches looks like.So I hope you’ve enjoyed my tips.

The 2 Week Diet