The New York Diet: 8 kilos in 2 weeks Amazing Thing

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The New York Diet: 8 kilos in 2 weeks Amazing Thing

2 weeks Uncomplicated and effective – the promise of the New York diet. Lose 8 kilos within the next 2 weeks. The dietary concept of David Kirsch.


Uncomplicated and effective: That is the promise of the New York diet. They need no more than the determination to create it, some discipline as well as the willingness to bring a few small victims in the next two weeks. The Good: At the end of the diet, you can eat many of the “forbidden” foods again!


Schedule a meal within the New York diet by 7, 10, 13, 16 and 19 hours. Thus, the body-specific energy combustion runs at ideal speed and you always feel comfortable enough.



The Nutrition Plan for the New York Diet

Here are the exact recipes for each day and each meal of the New York diet >>



Would you like to welcome the new day with a bowl of fruit or a jam? Then the first challenge for you is already on the program. Our breakfast classics do not find a favor with David Kirsch. The New York diet advises a morning protein shake.


The morning snack

In order to keep the metabolism still in motion, you should take a small, protein-rich snack after about three hours. This may be, for example, some tuna or a portion of low-fat egg salad.


The lunch

With the greatest meal of the day, make sure that the body has enough time to clear the calories before switching back its activities at night. Do you like to eat fish or poultry? Fine! Combine these meager protein sources with a plate of vegetables. Attention for lettuce: More than 1 teaspoon of olive oil per day is not allowed. Therefore you should stretch the dressing with vinegar and water!


The afternoon snack

Coffee and cake? Do not even think about it! For the next two weeks it is also a bit more hearty in the afternoon: Roasted chicken, almonds or hard-boiled eggs (without yolk) keep the metabolism in motion.


The dinner

The New York diet recommends ending the day as it has begun: with a protein shake. If it does not work, you can enjoy salad or vegetables with one (and only one!) Lean protein source (chicken, fish or egg).


Did they decide? In the next two weeks, you want to trim your body and get rid of eight kilos? Now, switch the switch: Think positively and believe in yourself and your success. With our 14-day eating plan, the weight loss works as if by itself. And with these 9 exercises for a flat stomach, it also works with the firm body center.

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